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How would you PH'ers feel...

Subject: How would you PH'ers feel...

If chain stores start popping up in the hood...

Duane Reade (I know there is one on the Park Slope side of Flatbush)

Any thoughts?


  • Starbucks would be depressing but I would rather that than nothing. It's too bad that we don't have a good coffee shop here. Actually I should say that politically I wouldn't want one but the part of me that desires comfy chairs and pumpkin soy lattes would be happy. Ideally something like Gorilla coffee would be awesome.

    I think the pharmacies on Washington Ave are ok, so I would prefer no Duane Reade.

    Blockbuster sucks, I don't go to any video stores in the hood because I do netflix and they are a pretty cool company.
  • Subject: wishful thinking

    Maybe Blockbuster will move out if we do a Netflix membership drive? Or at least get some decent movies in stock?
  • Subject: Blockbuster ONLINE

    I did it for $14.99 + tax and its been amazing.

    Most of the movies come from Flushing, NY so I put the ones I watched in the mail and the next day they receive it and send out the next one on my list.

    Did Netflix lower their price?

    Best $$$ I ever spent. Well, besides the shovel. SNOW SUCKS (I had to throw that in). :twisted:
  • Subject: Half has good coffee, right?

    I'm new to the area but I understand that half has good coffee in the AM. Probably not news to you, but I sure as hell do not want a Fourbucks moving in.
  • "Maybe Blockbuster will move out if we do a Netflix membership drive? Or at least get some decent movies in stock?"

    But then, good places like Video Edge would also be threatened. I don't do NetFlix yet but I see the benefits. What baffles me is why people in this neighborhood continue to patronize that Blockbuster on Flatbush when VideoEdge is just a block or so away.
  • Starbucks would be a travesty. I'd rather a Gorilla, another Ozzie's, or a Tea Lounge. Half opens a little too late to grab something on the way to work.

    Everything else is so close, why would we need a drugstore or video store? I was horrified to see the Aerosoles open on 7th ave.
  • I wish there was room for a Tea Lounge here, somewhere. They do a lot of things right.
  • Subject: chains...hmm...

    The only big chain I'd really like is a decent grocery store. That would be heaven.

    I too am for supporting Video Edge - that place is amazing, and a real jewel that I think a lot of people don't realize is such a cultural asset in the hood. Plus, when you're stuck in a blizzard and your Netflix order hasn't come in yet, it sure is handy.

    As for coffeeshops - yes, that sure would be nice. I can't see Starbucks coming in anytime soon (fine with me), but it would be good to have a good sitdown place. What the heck happened to MuddyWaters?
  • Subject: starbucks

    There were rumors that Starbucks was going to take over the old City Lighting storefront. Obviously that didn't happen. I'd be interested to know whether there was any truth to the rumor.
  • Subject: forget coffee

    i can get make coffee... but what about a decent bagel? (and please don't say yummy bagel)

    when you go to bagel delight, please join me in begging them to open a spot in the hts. when home heating oil goes outta biz this summer, that would be a perfect spot.
  • Subject: Coffee in Prospect Heights

    Half makes a really delicious latte and they have great muffins (best blueberry I've ever tasted) from Blue Sky Bakery. I think we should petition Max & Patty (the owners, who live on Prospect Place) to open a coffee bar/Tea Lounge type place. I would personally be willing to hang out for hours several times a week if there was such a place.

  • The best bagels in the area are at Prospect Perk, if you can stand the slow service (and the stingy schmears). Dunno where they get them, but they work for me.
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