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Le P'tit Paris - New Restaurant in Da Vincenzo Space

Subject: Le P'tit Paris - New Restaurant in Da Vincenzo Space

YES! Just saw somebody working in the kitchen. Popped my head in and think I spoke with ze owner of ze new French restaurant, which he said will open around the end of the month (I say "fingers crossed" because we all know how long it takes to get a restaurant open...at least this was a restaurant before).

This Fruban (French/Cuban) is super excited :D/


  • awesome :)

    won't be holding my breath, but this is still good news! thanks, flexi
  • you're welcome, shish. I really would love to see something succeed there.
  • Where was the Da Vincenzo?
  • jschneier wrote: Where was the Da Vincenzo?
    Northwest corner of PPW and Prospect Ave.
  • JR_in_NYC wrote: [quote=jschneier]Where was the Da Vincenzo?
    Northwest corner of PPW and Prospect Ave.

    I believe that corner is NW (NE would be the church)
  • Uh oh Flexi- bad night? That's what JR said, Northwest!
  • G2BDON wrote: Uh oh Flexi- bad night? That's what JR said, Northwest!
    ha...I read it as NE.

    I guess I am having a senior moment :lol:
  • Flexichick wrote: [quote=G2BDON]Uh oh Flexi- bad night? That's what JR said, Northwest!
    ha...I read it as NE.

    I guess I am having a senior moment :lol:

    Ha, now you got me looking at it on Google Earth. Technically it's the North corner since the "NW" corner is actually pointing north. :) Check it out on Google Earth.
  • That has been the Corner of Doom for a while. Da Vincenzo's being entirely mediocre like most of our little PPW commercial strip had something to do with it too. Tragic, but only Enzo's is better than decent and their pizza isn't nearly as good as Anthony's on 7th. At least it was a welcome, if epically slow, upgrade over the atrocious Indian place. Now if only all the other bad to worse restaurants on those three blocks could be similarly replaced. That would be all of them, pretty much.

    Fingers on both hands crossed for something good in the Da vincenzo space.
  • ^While I agree that Regina Bakery sucked (and still does - they moved around the corner), and that Regina's da Vincenzo was doomed (I admit I never ate there, but the menu had Manhattan prices with a menu that was very basic Italian that you could find anywhere), that was the only restaurant I have seen there in 12 years.....so...one relocated bakery and one failed restaurant does not equal DOOMED in my opinion.

    I agree that Enzo's is decent...and that Anthony's is better. However, Terrace Bagels is great, Number One Garden is decent and reliable, Dub Pies is great and unique....Windsor Cafe is a solid and unpretentious diner choice. While PPW is no 5th Avenue, I think it does just fine (but I would kill for a decent slice place to replace Sabella's which is atrocious and Joe's which is bad but a step above Sabella's)
  • Have to agree with Flexi - one restaurant closing does not make a place doomed. Regina was there for decades before its shrink and move.

    Excited to have a different cuisine in the neighborhood!
  • Flexichick wrote: ^ Joe's which is bad but a step above Sabella's)
    I had Joe's for the first time yesterday and judged it perfectly edible, unlike Benno's which was the first slice in a long time that was so bad I through it away
  • BrooklynJack wrote: [quote=Flexichick]^ Joe's which is bad but a step above Sabella's)
    I had Joe's for the first time yesterday and judged it perfectly edible, unlike Benno's which was the first slice in a long time that was so bad I through it away

    I think their crust is too dough-y and the sauce too thick for my liking - to each his own. What/where is Benno's?
  • Flexichick wrote:

    I think their crust is too dough-y and the sauce too thick for my liking - to each his own. What/where is Benno's?
    PPSW Btwn Seeley and Vanderbilt, next to the old Lonelyville
  • Ah, Bene. You really hated it? I think it's better than Sabella's or Joe's.

    btw, my comment about Joe's should read "sauce too sweet" not "too thick"
  • Yea, Joe's is a bit on the sweet side
  • Joe's is the "I've been working all day and I"m too tired" pizza stop.
    By the way, the deli across the street from Joe's used to have the most wonderful homemade red clam chowder on Fridays only--if they're still making it try some. Has a nice peppery kick and the owners are super sweet.
  • The sign is up. It's called Le P'tit Paris.

    Personally., I'd have put the Es in Petite, because I keep thinking pee tit.

    Looks like they have a lot of activity going on inside today, so I hope they are getting close
  • If the sign is any indication, this place doesn't look all that promising.

    Has anyone seen this signage? God it's really freaking cheap looking. I mean, you can't do any better than a stock PHOTO of the Eiffel Tower with a cookie cutter Microsoft Office font that oddly covers the photo? At least Enzo's gave a damn with their sign!

    If you're making these kinds of decisions with the signage (cheap with no design sense), I'm worried about the food decisions.

    Even if the food is good, I still can't get over that signage.

    Plus, know your demographic! You have to know what the likes and dislikes are of the repeat customers in the neighborhood. This is a new restaurant in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Not off the damn turnpike next to 7-11. We expect a little more care (Windsor Wine's, etc.).
  • nyco wrote: Has anyone seen this signage? God it's really freaking cheap looking.
    I was going to say the same thing. The sign itself is not so bad, but it's tiny. It's almost like they took it down from some smaller location and put it up. It needs to be twice as long.
  • Just passed by. They said they'd be open in a week or so.

    Le offending signage:

  • Where's the Eiffel Tower image?

    Did they remove it or did you crop it from the photo?

    Either way, god that sucks.
  • I didn't crop it...Perhaps it's on the sign on the Prospect Ave side? This is the sign as it faces PPW.
  • hmmm....wait! maybe I did crop it. There was a woman in the picture and I took her out because I wouldn't want people posting random pics of me online. It looks like there is a piece of another sign to the right of this sign, but I didn't get enough of it to see if the Tower is in it.
  • Why is is "P'tit" instead of Petit? Bad signage is such a turn-off. A college student could have done better with this.
  • I went by tonight and realized the Eiffel Tower signs flank the sign I posted on BOTH sides on the PPW side. It was too dark to capture with my eye phone.

    It will always be P. Tit to me. I hope the food and wine can make me ignore the signage
  • If i was ever a landlord of a building with a storefront, i'd make it part of the lease that I have final say over signage.

    this not the worst i've seen...but is pretty unimaginatve
  • Le front:


    Le side:


    Le sigh. However, all will be forgiven if they can make a good steak frites
  • You are so artistic Flexi
  • BrooklynJack wrote: You are so artistic Flexi
    I cannot take credit for the drawing...just the photo :lol:
  • I have no problems with the design, it's the size. P'tit indeed.

    Seriously, you can see where the old sign use to be. They really need to get a full blown awning for outdoor seating when the weather get better in about, uh, 9 months.
  • do you think they'll have french mice there.
  • great. just what 9th avenue needs. another restaurant. we don’t have enough of those already
  • YankeeFan wrote: great. just what 9th avenue needs. another restaurant. we don’t have enough of those already
    we have a lot of "places to eat", but not really many places that are "restaurants" - Japanese place, windsor cafe (more of a diner), enzos....elora's if you want to go that far...and maybe fez. I might be missing one or two, but Number One Garden, Clemens, Terrace Bagels, the pizza places (Joe's and Sabellas) are not really restaurants.

    I'm really hoping they do well.
  • 9th Ave could use more, better quality restaurants...Much of what is here is mediocre at best
  • Did somebody say cheese plate? There's hope for you yet, P. Tit.

    New window stencils on front and side windows.

  • I'm really looking forward to seeing the menu. Who knows, maybe it'll be good.
  • m.m. wrote: I'm really looking forward to seeing the menu. Who knows, maybe it'll be good.
    Me too. I don't even care if the menu is inventive, as long as they execute well and are not too expensive, I'll take standard French/bistro fare.
  • A photocopy of the menu is up.

    There is a $9 brunch (includes OJ, coffee or tea).
    There are seafood platters
    Dinner entrees all seem to be $20 or under. A burger with fries is $12

    Looks like they are getting close. I'm excited!
  • m.m. wrote: Web site w/menu:

    Uh oh, Yankee Fan better not look at the website:

    "French Restaurant
    Park Slope, Brooklyn
  • ^ha

    I think the menu is fine, but they included "quotes" about the chefs without citing the source.
  • Retag- This is uncanny. I was just about to write the EXACT same post.
  • menu looks yummy...hope it actually tastes good

    and re: "Park Slope", is the owner a real estate broker? :)
    seriously, that's got to go.
  • Hey guys, i think u're a little bit rude with the frenchies...
    The restaurant isn't open yet and you criticizes a lot !!!
    May i explain the sign ??? why p'tit instead of petit... the reason is in a traditionnal parisian language you don't say pEtit but you eat the E ! so...
    with the sign i agree with you it's a little short but it might be too expensive to have a bigger one for them... Do you know the price for it ???
    The only thing we've to say it's wait and see... It's a restaurant so test the food and critizes then... I know the food because i try it in LOUIS XVI and it was awesome !!!
    So give them some good vibes and wish to have a real and good restaurant there !!!
  • What is this Number One Garden people are referring to?
  • I'm a graphic designer, and I could do a much better sign, with a far better design sense, incorporating the architecture of the building along with the theme of the restaurant.

    And I'd do it for free.
  • Good week for shills on the Windsor Terrace/Kensington boards.

    mateo37 = LPPB owner

    Can we make it a little less obvious? BTW, most of the people that criticized the sign are still going to try out the food.
  • does this mean the place is open?
    if not, does anyone have an ETA?
  • ^owner told me he was targetting end of month, so it should be very soon
  • Guys the restaurant open tonight !!! let's try it...

    and no i'm NOT the LPPB owner cause i live in France !!! but i know those guys... and you can go there and eat eyes closed !

    @ nyco : if you could do a much better sign for free just do it !!! and offer your services to the owner... maybe you will have a VIP pass for the restaurant then... ;-)
  • Shellsabell wrote: What is this Number One Garden people are referring to?
    Chinese place on PPW between 16th/Windsor. They have a few tables, but you don't really want to eat there - it's more of a take out place. I think their food is good (for what it is.....a basic Chinese take out/delivery place....don't expect more than that)
  • i noticed the website has been changed to say "South Park Slope, Brooklyn"

    debatable, but IMO still wrong
  • Under "services", it says:

    Free delivery around the block.

    Huh? One block?
  • thats how they do it,one block at a time and before you know it they own the neighborhood.
  • They also have some typos on the menu (pikle). Other things are common mistakes by people who don't speak English as their first language (shrimps).

    I don't understand why people don't have things like this scrutinized before publishing them....it's like sending out a resume with a typo.

    That said, it's not nearly as bad as the sign and/or menu at Slope Bistro, and I am still going to go check out their food soon.
  • Oh, the online menu now says Windsor Terrace (at least in some spots...in other spots it says Park Slope).

    Maybe somebody showed them this thread :-)
  • Anyone try it yet? Hubby and I may go on the weekend. Just wondering if anyone else has given it a go...
  • I may try it tonight. Definitely in my plans to try it soon
  • Just saw a sign on the door that said "Cash or AMEX only".....so now I'm not sure if I am going tonight - I'm not paying so I don't know if this will be convenient for the person who is.

    I hope this is temporary and they add Visa and MC soon. I don't use an AMEX card
  • tell them your a food critic for brooklynian ,that should get you a freebie
  • Ok. I went tonight. Whole experience was not impressive, but I am willing to give it ONE more shot.

    Came in, was seated - originally right near a table with a kid, but there was so much room and I wanted to have a conversation with my friend without being overheard, so I asked to move a few tables down. We ended up near the kitchen.

    Waitress came over and told us about special sangria (white and red) and a special red wine (similar to cotes du rhone), which is what I had.

    We both ordered exactly the same thing - caesar salad and a NY strip steak without au poivre. We had reviewed this with the waitress a few times, so we were all clear - NO PEPPERCORN SAUCE on our medium rare steaks.

    Drinks came as expected - my friend said the sangria was good and my wine was fine.

    We received bread with a pat of cold butter. We asked for olive oil. One waiter said it would come, and it never did. When our salads came, we had to ask a different server for the oil again.

    Caesar salad = meh. It came in a shell, similar to what you get in a Mexican restaurant, but thinner. Salad was ok, but I thought the shell was weird, unnecessary and not adding anything to the salad. Neither of us ate it.

    Steaks came - covered in peppercorn. The waitress was apologetic, and I know she put the order in properly. She promptly took the steaks back and said they'd be out again without sauce soon.

    Steaks came out again - to their credit, they did taste like new steaks, not like steaks that had the sauce scraped off. They were properly cooked to a medium rare and totally fine. Not fabulous, not horrible....a decent size and taste....They came with a "potato gratin" which was "meh". It was a cut out chunk that looked like it was baked in a sheet and cut - the shape stayed the same...not a messy hot gooey goodness I like in a potato gratin. Both of us added salt. I wasn't impressed. Green beans were fine, not memorable. Cooked tomato with ????? breadcrumbs???? really not tasty or needed.

    The best part of the meal was the $14 cheese plate - which came with a few pieces of toasted bread, nuts and a paste (I didn't taste it - maybe quince or something). Four types of cheese - one brie, one roquefort, 2 others I can't remember. Fair size for the price and tasty....but I'm a cheese whore .,...so you give me some cheese and I'm happy.

    The place obviously has kinks to work out. While seated near the kitchen, we were subjected to LOUD music - Def Leppard and other similar type music. Way too loud for the dining room. We were also seated near the phone in the back (another phone at front desk). The music was so loud that nobody heard the phone ringing and ringing and ringing. We finally had to ask for it to be turned down.

    Service was spotty, but I think that can improve - 2 weeks in and you're sure to have some bumps. It was clear that our waitress was trying hard to do the right thing.

    Overall, I felt like I was on Long Island....and not in a good way. I saw some dishes come out in little pumpkins - perhaps it was mashed potatoes inside. I'd rather have simple food well-executed than a failed attempt at fancy.

    I will try it again in a few weeks or so in hopes that they are improving. The spot has so much potential on that street.....but they need better execution.

    We arrived around 7 and left around 8:30. I'd say they were about 1/2 full when we left
  • thanks for the review!
  • Subject: lep'titparis

    went there with some friends the other night and everything was just nice and really affordable, the staff was friendly and the food good. I'm glad they opened...
  • Subject: lep'titparis

    went there with some friends the other night and everything was just nice and really affordable, the staff was friendly and the food good. I'm glad they opened...
  • shishkab wrote: thanks for the review!

    Let us know if you try it. I'm curious to see what other people think (and by "other people" I don't mean somebody who creates a log in just to write a review :wink: )
  • mateo37 wrote: Want some critics...
    Actually, what we want are less shills. Considering how LPPB already have two shills on the forum (perhaps the same person), how can I trust the reviews on Yelp? I don't.

    The blatant lies have turned me off of the restaurant. I probably will try it at some point, but do not trust a business that uses false reviews to drum up business.

    Regarding Park Slope/Windsor Terrace: I would say technically that corner can call itself Park Slope, but that strip of PPW will always feel like Windsor Terrace.
  • ^agree. I also have seen some "interesting" things happen with Yelp where negative comments seem to magically disappear. Not sure how that happens, because none of them have been blatantly-obvious sock puppetry.

    I guess no other Brooklynian regulars have tried it yet. I'm not itching to try it again until somebody tells me it improves or unless it sticks around for a while and works out their service kinks
  • If you don't like the neighborhood bistro with Brooklyn fare and expect greatness;
    then go to Daniel Boulud in Manhattan... you'll see the difference!
  • For whatever it matters, karendnyc's midnight-ish posts are coming from a Comcast IP address over in New Jersey.

    Just sayin'.
  • I think I'll try this place this weekend. Their sign is a big turn off (sorry, poor font choices really irk me!) but Ill give it a go anyway. It would be nice to have another type of cuisine in the nabe.
  • ^ did you try it?
  • Taking the plunge tonight, will report back soon after
  • Ah, good. Thanks oscar. I'm definitely curious about the place.

    And now for a musical interlude:

    anytime you'd call,
    oscar would fulfill your needs,
    Winter, Spring or...Fall..."


    20 points to the first person that gets ^ that reference


    (sorry oscar, couldn't resist...)
  • haha

    with the help of my pal google, a wonderful flashback to one of my fav movies:

  • well played, sir! :thumleft: =D> :salut:
  • I am headed there tonight as well. I'll let y'all know this humble gal's opinion soon.
  • Great! I look forward to the reviews. I hope they improved.....it would be great to have a good place so close to my house
  • Okay, here goes, folks!

    The food:
    escargot -- yummy. dipping bread in the leftover melted parsley butter was awesome :)
    onion tart -- nothing outstanding. this may sound weird, but it only tasted like onion. we felt there should have been other flavor layers to it. the pastry crust it was in was very tasty
    steak tartare -- very nice. the relish or whatever did not overwhelm the meat. fresh, clean flavor
    mussels -- very nice. same comment as the tartare: fresh, clean flavor. white wine and garlic broth did not detract but complemented the shellfish nicely.
    steak au poivre -- could have had a stronger crust, but the meat was very well prepared. had no sauce which was disappointing (isn't the dish supposed to come with one?). haricort verts perfect. potatoes nice, though not gooey.
    duck (breast and confit) -- breast was nice, though the sauce was a little sharp. the confit, however, was some of the best i've ever had (and i love duck). deep, earthy and strong in the best way possible.
    hanger steak -- i didn't sample this, and my tablemate was not enamored with it. said it was fine, but he'd had much better at Bacchus on Atlantic Ave
    creme brulee with fruit -- lovely, and this isn't a complaint but the brulee was layered on top of a cookie/biscuit thing which reminded me a lot of a linzer tart. flavor was marvelous
    sponge cake with poached pear -- a great surprise in that the cake was a strong presence in the dish, which is not what one normally expects from sponge cake. my tablemates all remarked at the tastiness of the pear: just the right amount of sweetness and spice :)
    nice bottle of Medoc to round it all out.

    The bill was very reasonable.

    If I had complaints, it would be
    A) tables are too close together: the waitstaff bumped into chairs a lot (and I observed this at many tables, not just our own). it's not the biggest space, and I understand the need to fill as many $$ into a room at once. But the aisles were just a smidge too narrow for the servers, and that's never good
    B) the sound level is just awful. DaVincenzo had the same problem. It's all the exposed brick, etc., which makes the space look nice (and it does), but once the population reaches a certain density (we went on a Friday night and every table was filled) the noise level rises exponentially. I'm not certain what if anything can be done to remedy this, though.
    C)teeny quibbles about the staff: very friendly and overall attentive. however, when food was brought to the table the server (not the same person who took the order) did not know which dishes went to which person for both the appy and entree courses. also, since i had the mussels there was a little bit of manual labor involved. i was almost but not quite finished with my meal when the other plates were cleared, which is absolutely fine BUT... the waitperson came over and asked us if we wanted to see desserts menus, wanted tea, coffee, etc. and i was still eating! i looked towards the front door to see if anyone may have been waiting for the table, but no. a tiny hiccup, but it did make me feel a little rushed.

    overall, a pleasant enough experience which i'd be glad to have again. was it superb? nope. but for the area and for the price it was certainly enjoyable. I am GLAD to have some French food in the immediate area -- bravo to the owners for filling a niche!

    they had a decent looking brunch menu -- i think we may have to try that next.
  • Had an early dinner tonight and we thought it was pretty good - not outstanding but definitely worth going back. Had the escargot & steak tartare for appetizers which were both excellent. Duck confit & Coq Au Van as entrees which were good although didn't blow us away. Also had the creme brulee w/ fruit which was a great dessert. Service was pretty good...The noise level didn't seem too bad to us, but we did start early and the place was packed when we left - so I can imagine it getting worse later on. The tables are definitely packed too close together and it was annoying to get out at the end of the meal..Price wise, while it isn't super pricey i wouldn't call it cheap either..the bill can easily rack up if you splurge on drinks, appetizers, desert, coffee, etc..which of course we did :).

    Overall a nice place, and we'll be going back. Definitely very happy to have a French place within walking distance, and this is a welcome addition to PPW...Will probably try the brunch next, and I think it would be really nice place to get a few drinks & appetizers at the bar.
  • sounds overall pretty good. thanks for the reviews, shish and oscar. I will try it again when i get back from vacation
  • Went with friends tonight, with no expectations and was really pleasantly surprised. Really has a "family owned" vibe (staff may not be related, but has that feel). From the time we walked in until we walked out (very full), we had a great experience. For starters, I liked the wine list. The service was friendly but not familiar; I'd call it just right. We all liked our soups and salads (and the little rigid crepe bowl the caesar comes in would be good by itself). Main courses were good...we had monkfish and coq au vin. The noodles in the coq au vin made the dish a little heavier than you might be used to, but the flavor was good. Monkfish with sauteed veggies was prepared well and very flavorful. Had sorbets and profiteroles for dessert. Both very good, maybe the puff pastry could have been a little lighter, but otherwise, definitely liked this place and will go back. Wish I'd tried it sooner.
  • went back for brunch/lunch..they make a great burger
  • Went for dinner tonight around 6:30 for a few hours. When we got there it was empty. When we left they were packed. It IS tight in there. We sat at the bar so we could have fun access to everyone who worked there slash evesdrop on and speak French. I had sacre coeur salad with tons of stuff and greens. It was delicious but under seasoned. She had onion soup- can never go wrong with that! I had mussels. She had steak tartare. We both really liked our meals and were given homemade chips and bread with butter. I like the mussels a little better for $3 less at Bar Toto. But the staff were so funny and friendly. We also had about a million glasses of Bordeaux and somehow our bill was only $80. And my friend got a truffle with the bill. Love it. Will be back soon for inexpensive food, great inexpensive wine and fun French staff.
  • ^ posted from an IP address in Moscow, Russia.

    That's gotta be one helluva "pick-nick."

    ("In Soviet Russia, basket pick YOU~!")
  • Had "lunch" there two Sundays ago at 3pm. We were the ony people in there and had mistakenly thought people would be watching the world cup. Thistle Hill wasn't open though, so Le P'tit it was. I had their "brunch" salad of pan seared salmon over nicoise salad. It was deeeeeeeeelicious and completely affordable. Date had an avacado salad as part of "brunch" menu and then a chicken sandwich with a mountain of fries that were also awesome. We left not one crumb on the table and consumed a million wines, the last of which were comped. I love this place.

    Update on the overcrowding: they seem to have removed the barstools on the dining side, with only a few on the window side. This helps tremendously.

    Update on the hot French staff: our waiter was Brooklyn Chinatown all the way. which is fine by me, just sayin.
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