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Really Disappointed @ the racial tensions' on th

Subject: Really Disappointed @ the "racial tensions'" on th

I registered for this website because i am trying to connect with the different people moving into the area regardless of race.I am a 20 year old black female who has friends all sizes, colors and shapes. I expected people in brooklyn to be just as understanding! I live on woodruff and st.paul and I love brooklyn and consider myself a mix of many things. I can go to Whole Foods or Pioneer . I have been reading a few post and the message I am getting from a lot of them are I am white is this neighborhood a threat to me,or the "big bad word" Gentrification. So many neighborhoods and areas in nyc in general have been through changes,soho used to be a crack heads paradise and don't even get me started on chelsea! I just want to meet my neighbors and build relationships and do something to make our living situations better for all.I am so tired of this issue it's annoying and pple need to stop harping on it. Now if you just want to meet cool and new pple in or around the area just do it!


  • some folks are badly behaved when they are anonymous.

    ....ignore them.

  • Thanks for your post. I am originally from Pennsylvania...mostly PA German...and moved to the same house I am in now in 1980. Moved to the city in 1984 - Chelsea/West Village/East Village and then moved the same house as a caretaker until 2007. Now, still in the same house, I am living in the apartment I rented when I first lived here in 1980.

    What is the point...I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have seen this neighborhood go in every direction. I do miss my elderly neighbors and those who had to sell as well as those who became empty-nesters and flew the coop so to speak.

    In any event, it takes a while to befriend folks and the fun...of reading the Brooklynian is that sometimes it will ruffle someone's feathers but the streaming can be interesting. I guess one could call it local color or provincial, sometimes downright stupid or ignorant. I tend to stick to community events and because of my age, I like to read about what younger folks think too.

    Please stay as we need strong voices. It is sort of a way to learn our history, so to speak.

    Take care and good luck! Thanks!
  • You know it! I'm a white lesbian, in a couple, that has lived in all parts of Brooklyn for 30 years. We bought a house just a few years ago in Sunset Park and love it. We love it BECAUSE it's so muti-everything. I feel we're living in what New Yrok and America is becoming.

    There are ways to cross the divides, (I hope). For my partner and I it's around art, and food. So come have Dim Sum in Sunset Park some time.
  • Thank you! Some other people who know where I am coming from! At the end of the day we all live under the same sky!
    You all have convinced me to stick around and continue to connect with pple who truly love bk!
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