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Where's Flexichick?

Subject: Where's Flexichick?

Where's Flexichick? Just wondering. I, for one, miss her witty, on-point views and opinions and haven't seen her posting of late.

Mod Note: not everyone gets along and the thread went off topic into infighting and name calling. All that has been removed, sorry to the OP who had nothing to do with the problem

OP here. Do not appreciate having my posts' subject line or content altered. Thank you.


  • Also missing in action are Whatchuwant, Anastasia Beaverhausen (who I believe defected to Queens) and Scarlett. Mamacita has been a bit quiet as well. :cry:
  • Me? Quiet? Never! I've been around, just only doing Mod work. Scarlett was on vacation she came back and posted on the Rants & Rave's thread in the lounge.
  • Whatchuwant makes pretty regular appearances on the Crown Heights board.

    ...but yes, it all leads to speculation about whether that pesky racoon in her window got the best of her.
  • Where the fuck is Jeffrey?
  • Someone missed meeeeee???!!! Hooray!
  • modsquad2.0 wrote: Where the fuck is Jeffrey?

    Jeffrey is still awesome, but working his ass off and not able to get online recently. We miss him :(
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