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Kind of funny how no one noticed after almost two years in the making. When hubby passed by last night there were two tables occupied.


  • It looks nice inside but very dark...its strange that they didn't put any lights on the outside. I was right outside before I noticed it was open.

  • Mmm, Juicy Penis...

  • HOLY CRAP!!! Anybody gone, yet??

  • There was an improptu review on brownstoner. Sounds like Toby's is going to have a run for its money.

  • I went. Service was very friendly. Pizza was very Lucali-style (or at least what I remember of it; was about 3 years since I've had it). Thin crust (not crackery, just right) with not much puff at the outside end but rather a solid 1.5 flat-ish inches, chewy, enough salt to have flavor on its own. Good char on bottom; juuust close to being too much char without being too much char. Acidic and bright sauce. Appropriate amount of cheese, though I'd maybe have liked a bit more bufala (love those gooey melty mounds - can't get enough). Fresh basil on top. $20 pie, extra $3 for most toppings, $6 for the special (artichoke). Bottles of house red and white (pinot noir and grigio iirc) for $15, other bottles $25ish.

    Went mid-week at around 8:30 and there was a wait. Friendly waitress took my number and called me when a table was available. I appreciated this as I'd much rather wait in a cozy bar than in their spot staring at others eating!

  • SO SO SO GOOD!! Two insanely good restaurants in the hood now (Lot 2 would be the other one). Pretty sweet.