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Cool news about cycling's impact on NYC

(New York, NY – Jim O’Grady, WNYC) Biking continues to go up in New York as driving and transit ridership stays nearly flat, according to a report being released today by the New York City Department of Transportation. The report found that bicycle commuting into Manhattan increased by 13 percent in 2010. During that same period, subway and bus ridership dropped by a little bit over 2 percent, while car traffic rose slightly.

I still don't think cars are the enemy, but it's good to see that the boost is real (and properly counted)... from this, resources can be better allocated.


  • This kind of thing is a great idea:

    After the city began a pilot program that allowed businesses to take late-hour and early morning deliveries, delivery companies saw vehicle travel times improve 130% compared to evening and midday travel speeds. Sadik-Khan said the program will be made permanent and expanded.

    Optimize vehicle transit to help businesses get the deliveries they need without having to spend all day in traffic or blocking a lane of traffic.

  • It doesn't bother any of you bike nazis that there are no real numbers attached to the "Bicycle Commuting (Indexed to 1990)" graph? Isn't this a blatant attempt to cover up the fact that bike commuters are inconsequential? Scanning the entire report indicates a mixed bag. CBD traffic speeds went up and then "leveled off"

    Injuries to motor vehicle occupants and bicyclists both decreased by 35% along Allen and Pike Streets in Manhattan after implementation of lane reconfigurations, dedicated left-turn bays, pedestrian plazas, pedestrian refuge islands and other improvements.
    Why would they lump those 2 groups together other then hiding the fact that possibly bicyclists injuries went up?

    Something smells in Denmark, sorry New Amsterdam.

  • it says they both decreased by 35%

    not combined.


  • "Bike nazis"? Hyperbole much?

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