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Shilling Monday: What's the hype about this neighborhoood/area

I was reading another thread on these here boards about some new place that opened up in Park Slope. It seems that there are always interesting things happening in other areas, but Greenwood heights/Sunset Park seems to be an area people primarily go to just to crash. We apparently haven't become a destination like Park Slope or Williamsburg.

I'm in the midst of a stay-cation, and would really like to use this time to discover new and interesting things about living in this area

I am going to borrow a phrase from Mamacita that I saw in the thread I referenced. She used the term "Shilling Monday" I want to ask you guys what interesting stores, shops, restaurants, activities and areas have you found in this neighborhood, that make it worth hanging out a little, and not just waking up, brushing your teeth and running to the nearest subway to some other neighborhood.

I will start:

1) Boheme (39th street above 5th avenue)

Its a tiny little shop that sells some cute Victorian inspired items. If you are steam punk, goth or into period stuff, this shop is worth a look

2) Mystical Essentials (32 street btw 2nd and 3rd)

If you are at all into the occult, or if you like mystical knick-knacks and incense this place is great

3)Los Tres Potrillos (39th and 4th) open 24 hours, its clean and serves great food. I go when its empty quiet spacious and heavenly

4)Eclipse (44th street and 4th avenue)

good Mexican

5)East Coast Beer Distribution (3rd avenue btw 37 and 38th)

They must have every beer and lambic ever imagined here

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