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journalism's changes in the age of internets — Brooklynian

journalism's changes in the age of internets

Subject: journalism's changes in the age of internets

thoughtful piece about the changes in journalism caused by bloggers and the Internet

Web Users Open the Gates
By Jay Rosen
Special to


  • This is from The Opinionator on the NYT web site (select users access only) . . .

    Zack Exley, who first rose to prominence as the proprietor of the satirical 2000 campaign Web site, says the media will soon grow tired of writing about political blogs, and then, “It’s on to the next big fake thing.” He writes at Daily Kos:

    Yes, all this buzz about the power of the Blogosphere has been fake. Fake, because it’s premature. The Blogosphere isn’t very powerful at all yet. The current buzz is about where the medium will be in five years or so, not where it is now. Kos, for example, reaches about as many people as the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s website (not even counting its print readership). Throw together a handful of smallish city papers and you’ve got a medium reaching as many people as the 100 top political blogs.