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The Repurposing of the Armory at Bedford and UNION



  • They'll probably wait for the project on Bedford just on the other side of EP to go up and see how successful is right?  Also whats the process of checking on environmental safety for a former gas station?  I'd hope there'd be some serious hoops to jump through.

    Also why would the city loose or break even on armory development if they sold it to a private enterprise?  Curious
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    As per the terms of the transfer from NYS, the city can not actually sell the armory but they can lease it to an entity for 99 years.

    Not all loses are financial.

    Also of note, a Rave is in the armory's future:

    And, the celebration of Kinus (for Orthodox Jewish event):
  • As noted in the Rave thread, it is now scheduled to happen in Sunset Park, because local politicians objected to it.

    So, I give you this photo set of the interior of the armory to keep you entertained while we are waiting for it to be fully utilized:

  • Here is the crux of one of the proposals submitted to the EDC for consideration:

    Note, a total 8 proposals were submitted by different entities, and (as discussed above) the EDC has yet to announce its decision.

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    The 71st Pct advising us that there will be a gala at the Bedford Union armory.

    "On Wednesday, December 02, 2015, the 71st Precinct is having a Large Fund Raiser at Bedford Armory

    There will  NO be parking on the following blocks

    • Rogers Avenue from Eastern to Empire
    • Union Street Bedford to Rogers
    • President Street Bedford to Rogers

    At 6PM to 12AM Rogers Ave will be closed to all through traffic

    All blocks leading into Rogers between Empire and Eastern will also be closed. Residence with proper ID will be permitted to access all closed blocks at all times.

    There will be several check points, several anti-terrorism officers and a large police presence in the area. There are NO KNOWN THREATS however the NYPD will be taking extra precautions during this event."

    ...I believe this event is actually held by the Satmars, not the NYPD.

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    While the block associations around the armory are pleased that the rave did not take place, larger questions remain.    At a meeting this week, they hope to get some clarity:   

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    Meanwhile, here is a video of the Satmar Fundraiser event that took place in the armory in 2013.

    The same event is to occur tonight (Wednesday, December 2) with even more attendees than 2013.
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    Did anyone go?  Whats the story?  Will it have a sports complex as well as housing?  I'm sure there was a lot of patting oneself on the back about the rave though many FROM the neighborhood I'm sure would have attended.

    Also @whynot can you continue to keep us informed of meetings like this about it in the future?  Where did you learn about yesterdays mtg?  And thanks!
  • I went. The long and short of it: The city was deciding between two developers, one that proposed a project emphasizing community based initiatives and the other weighing heavily on economic based initiatives. Unsurprisingly, the economic development plan won out.

    Walter Mosley, Laurie Cumbo, and Jessie Hamilton all spoke but declined to give specifics outside of the fact that the project is now entering the the URLURP phase and the developer will be announced in the coming days.

    Exactly what the project will become is still a bit of a mystery but it's getting clearer and we should know more very soon.

    And yes, @yesbrooklyn, there was a lot of self congratulating regarding getting the rave moved.
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    I was not able to attend last night, but have heard the same.

    ...basically the community based initiative plan would not break even, and require government subsidizes forever.

    I learned about this meeting as a result of being on the CHCC mailing list (a bunch of local block associations on the south side of EP).   You can get on it by emailing Richard Hurley:

    A few years ago, I decided the armory was one of the Big 16 local developments I would track closely, so (don't worry) you'll get to know everything I learn about it, as I learn it.

    ...whether you want it or not :)

  • Does anyone know what elements an "economic development" type plan usually includes? Is it like manufacturing space, retail space?
  • That wasn't made clear, @crownheightster. But I will add that according to Mosley, there will also be a housing component. The project will be a collaboration between two developers, one that has a "history with taking input from the community." The other developer (apparently a recognizable name) is currently working on a building in Downtown Brooklyn.
  • As discussed above, several of the proposals involved demolishing and then building residential on the parking facility in the back of the armory.  

    Said development would be a mix of market rate and "affordable" units.   

    Needless to say, the more affordable units this residential building has, the less it would be able to subsidize the activities that will occur in the drill hall.


  • FB_IMG_1449100516887

    Just saw this on Facebook. Looks like the Satmars are all set for tonight.
  • @whynot_31 Thanks for posting one of the plans. Do you have access to any of the others?
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    Not readily.    

    In addition, the original 8 proposals were submitted quite sometime ago.    Afterwards, they were then vetted, and given a chance to be adapted if EDC felt they could be made feasible.    

    To my knowledge, none the bidders have been notified that they have been officially eliminated, but some haven't been involved in a lot of conversations with EDC, and others have been.

    ...leading me to suspect that those that have not been involved in a lot of conversations have been de facto eliminated already.     

    I'm now hearing that the politicians met with the CHCC because the EDC will announce the developer before the holidays, and enter the ULURP process in Jan 2016.   As discussed on prior pages, the developer will need to have credentials as strong as those brought to the Kingsbridge Armory.    

    In my view, merely having the endorsement of local politicians is not going to be enough.   

    In my view, the proposal I shared has nice ideas, but lacks the credentials and capital that I believe other proposals possess.     

    Here is the crux of one of the proposals submitted to the EDC for consideration:

    Note, a total 8 proposals were submitted by different entities, and (as discussed above) the EDC has yet to announce its decision.

  • basically a rave for Hasidic men..
  • The suspense is killing me.
  • Now that we know that the armory will be converted to condos, what do you guys think the gas station owners will do?
  • I'm thinking of all possible economic development themed components of this, and one thing that strikes is that film/tv shoots could probably be included in that general sense. Maybe we'll get a Silvercup Studio! I'm just brainstorming/speculating...
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    The property was transferred from NYS to EDC (NYC gov) with the condition that it can't sell any part of the property, the most it can do is issue a 99 year lease.

    As a result, condos are unlikely.

    For the parking facility, the decision is believed to be between a hotel or mixed income rentals.  

    I predict we will get a mixed income rental building, with some units being significantly below market. 

    ....and a recreation/event center that will have to financially hold its own.      

    I also predict the defunct gas station across the street will be rezoned residential, so we still have a few years of looking at it in its present state. 

  • Info is now being disclosed:

    Part of the 138,000-square-foot former military facility — built in 1903 and acquired by the city in 2013 — will be sold to a private developer to be converted into 12 private townhouses built inside former horse stables located on President Street along the building’s south side, the sources said.

    Space on the armory’s east side currently used as a parking garage will be replaced by a new building to include market-rate and affordable rental units, those with knowledge of the plan said; 50 percent of the planned units will be market-rate, 30 percent will be set aside for middle-income residents and 20 percent for low-income residents."
  • The townhouse aspect surprises me; I was under the impression that no part of the facility would become owner occupied, because NYC could not sell the site.

    Seperate tax lot?
  • Indoor swimming pool, basketball courts, and soccer field will be pretty great..  I hope they make it nice.
  • I am really excited about this. I think the mix of housing and recreation is really going to work and be attractive for the community...both old-timers and newcomers. 

    But, I've never heard of CAMBA running recreational facilities. That gives me a little pause.
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    I am interested in the timeline and financing.    

    If the city leases the parking facility to the developer, I am confident the mixed rate housing will be built on a break even basis.

    If CAMBA is awarded the drill hall, it going to need a lot of capital to pull off creating a fancy facility.  I don't known how much capital those town homes will create, and doubt that CAMBA will be able to raise funds by selling the future earnings from the recreational fees.  

    ...but I suspect that CAMBA would be willing to sign a contract that stated it would convert the recreation hall into a shelter in the event the city needs it for same.   Shelters and social services are CAMBA's main business.

  • I am very excited about this becoming a recreational facility, hopefully a nice one used by the community. It's very confusing to me why the fall back would be to turn this into a shelter with what I imagine to be nice town homes adjacent and a new building of mixed rate housing right behind it. Seems like those town homes would be a hard sell in that situation and the new mixed rate building would get hard to fill. 
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    Am I correct in assuming that the same developer will convert the rec center, sell the town homes, and rent the housing units?  It seems unlikely that a developer would sign on to convert the drill hall into a rec center while trying to sell a bunch of high end town homes next door and rent out scores of market rate units, if there was a possibility that the drill would then be converted into a homeless shelter.
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    I believe there will be seperate developers/providers of each service. It seems only CAMBA has been named as a provider so far. I look forward to learning what architects/developer(s) will create the town homes and the midrise.

    EDC has yet to announce such things, and I expect mainstream media (sorry to provide complete coverage once the press release and conferences happen.

  • I'd be so thrilled to have a community pool nearby. Let's hope they get moving on this!

  • This article makes it sounds like it's the same developer for all three uses: 
  • It does, but they don't list any "new" sources.

    There are a few nonprofit housing providers that are testing the waters of developing mixed income housing.

    Getting the market rate tenants to get along with lower income ones (and vise versa) is a serious skill if you do not use a Poor Door.

    I don't think CAMBA has existing projects of that variety, much less the rec center experience.
  • my impression is that CAMBA is not the builder/ developer so much as the organization that will run the rec center once it is built.  I expect there is a builder/ developer for the entire project that has yet to be named..
  • When will the EDC do their press release? Usually once something like this is leaked, the organization tries to capitalize on the media. 
  • My source informed me that we would get a formal announcement, complete with press conference with politicians, before Dec 25th.   

    The armory steps seem like a logical location. 

  • From our friends at the EDC --

    December 16, 2015

    Anthony Hogrebe/Ian Fried, NYCEDC (212) 312-3523;

    *Updated attendees*
    For Planning Purposes Only

    THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17: NYCEDC to Announce 500,000 Square Foot Mixed-Use Development at Bedford Union Armory in Crown Heights

    On Thursday, December 17, New York City Economic Development Corporation will announce an approximately 500,000 square foot mixed-use development at the Bedford Union Armory in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

    Attendees Include:

    • NYCEDC President Maria Torres-Springer
    • Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams
    • Council Member Laurie Cumbo
    • New York State Assembly Member Walter T. Mosley
    • New York Knicks Forward Carmelo Anthony
    • Additional elected officials and community leaders

    Tomorrow, December 17, 9 a.m.

    Bedford Union Armory, 1579 Bedford Avenue, between Union and President Streets, Brooklyn, NY, 11225

    For more information, please contact the NYCEDC Press Office at (212) 312-3523 or

  • Melo's gonna be there?  As a lifelong Syracuse fan who will forever be grateful for the role he played in bringing home their first national championship in 2013, that's pretty cool.  
    • New York Knicks Forward Carmelo Anthony

  • Is Melo gonna live in one of the town houses?
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    From Carmelo's Wikipedia page (guessing he'll address the rec center potential for the community):

    Anthony was born in the Red Hook projects in BrooklynNew York City.[4] He was born to a black Puerto Rican father and an African-American mother, Mary Anthony.[5] His father, after whom he is named, died of cancer when Anthony was two years old.[6] When Anthony turned eight, his family moved to Baltimore, where he honed not only his athletic skills, but his survival skills. Kenny Minor, one of Anthony's childhood friends, said, "from drugs, to killings, to anything you can name that goes on in the roughest parts of town, we've seen and witnessed hands on. Those are the things that teach you toughness and keep you mentally focused on your goals." Sports would serve as an important diversion from the violence and drug dealing that were pervasive in the housing projects a few blocks from the homes of Anthony and his friends.[7]
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    Now we are talking:

    "The project, at the site of the former Bedford-Union Armory, is being developed by Brooklyn-based BFC Partners and Slate Property Group, along with the New York City Economic Development Corporation and Bedford Courts LLC, representatives announced on Wednesday."

    As stated above, the firms chosen have the credentials similar to those that are developing the Kingsbridge armory in the Bronx.
  • BFC is currently responsible for the projects at City Point in Downtown Brooklyn, the Toren, Empire Outlets, Essex Crossing, and 1000 Dean Street in Crown Heights. We've hit the big time. 

    Where does CAMBA fit into this? 
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    That is unclear. but I presume just the drill hall and some social service programming.  

    This email from a local neighborhood activist (and friend) provides some additional details:

    1.   The mixed income building will be 13 stories.   [Given that the site is already on top of a hill, this will provide the residents of the top floors with great views.   The market rate units will be very attractive]

    2.   Some non-profits will have office space and programming.     [CAMBA is likely among these]

    3.    They did figure out a way to sell to the land/stables the townhomes will be constructed on.   [I expect they will go for over $2M a piece.]

  • Press release from EDC -- I think the project might be called "Bedford Courts?"
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    Yes, that is the name of the LLC mentioned by The Real Deal.

    Here is CAMBA's line in the press release:   “These spectacular new facilities will enable CAMBA to create new recreational and educational programs to benefit the whole community.”

    ...there is no mention that, by contracting with CAMBA, the city could pretty easily convert the drill hall into a shelter should legal action by entities like Coalition for the Homeless demand it.


  • Any hint of a timeline for this sort of project? Those two soon-to-be new big buildings across Eastern Parkway on Bedford just got a whole lot more attractive to live in. Same for new developments south of Eastern Parkway.
  • I purport that all of those developments (aka "The Big 16") are being constructed with this one and each other, in mind:

    The armory is just piece in a rapidly evolving puzzle.    My thought is that majority of the Big 16 will be completed by 2020, and that the economic effects are already being felt.

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    whynot_31, I find it utterly implausible that these developers would undertake a massive, multi-billion dollar project, if there was any chance it would be converted it into a homeless shelter.  That's just never going to happen.

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    This development has many components, and I believe only the drill hall remains at risk of becoming a shelter.

    No one wants it to happen.   It would be legally forced upon the city, which would then have CAMBA convert the drill hall.   In my view, the city has likely selected CAMBA to allow for this contingency.

    I assume the developers are aware of the risk, and have deemed it acceptable.   

    I'll go so far to say that even the Coalition for the Homeless does not WANT to use the drill hall as a shelter;  they would much rather the city ensure the legally established Right to Shelter by developing smaller shelters and/or permanent supportive housing.

    I am describing a "last resort", but one that I believe the city creating a contingency for.  

     Photo is press conference:   

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    they are good enough that we should save our readers a click:

    121715rendering2 121715rendering3

    A few floors will be added to the stables to make the townhomes;   They are going to fetch some serious $. And, here are the specs on the mid rise:


  • And, here is what is known as "the money shot".   It allows EDC to state that the politicians bless the project, much like parents bless the wedding of their daughter.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 7.21.21 PM
  • Here's other work completed by the architectural firm chosen, Marvel:
  • This article states that the town houses on President will be condos.   Medgar Evers will occupy the non-profit space (which doesn't make sense to me)... and that there will be 100,000 sqft of commercial space along Bedford and President...  I think that is a big plus for the project.  This immediate area could use more commercial IMO.

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    Let's pick it apart:

    "The facility will feature a pool, basketball courts, and an indoor turf field, as well as a 500-seat auditorium and office space for local non-profit organizations. Medgar Evers College, which is located a block south on Bedford Avenue, will occupy of the non-profit space. CAMBA, a non-profit affordable housing developer and social services group based in Flatbush, will run the new rec center."

    MEC has some institutes and whatnot that do not fit within its traditional CUNY model, but I think it is a stretch to call them non-profits. 

    CAMBA is consistently being reported as being the provider for the rec center, which makes it appear as if it broadening its mission to be similar to Children's Aid Society. 

    "Out of the 515,000-square-foot-development, the condos will occupy 55,000 square feet, and the new rental building will span 360,000 square feet. The commercial, community and recreation space will fill another 100,000 square feet, mostly fronting Bedford Avenue and part of President Street."

    I find it odd that the drill hall is not mentioned, because it makes up the majority of the complex.   

    In this photo, the stables and the headhouse are all labeled Headhouse, but they are distinct, and we can see the difference.   I assume whatever retail is coming (coffee shop?   place to buy sweatbands, yoga pants and deodorant?) will occupy the actual headhouse the front corner.

    It is unclear to me whether the new lobby/entrance way will be actually on President St.



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    Alicia Boyd had a lot to say about this project at tonight's CB9 meeting. 
  • Any other updates about the cb9 meeting??
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    The meeting was primarily presentations from various groups. When DOT got up to make their presentation regarding proposed safety changes to a couple of intersections lining Empire Blvd. (apparently, they are still not going to move forward with projects unless the CB gives its input, meaning that the board(s) still have de facto veto authority), there was an uproar from AB and another community member who sits on the transportation committee. This was mainly due to the fact that the speakers/public comment list for this item was short and now closed, despite the fact that many in attendance did not know about the presentation as it wasn't on the agenda (apparently, it was a carryover from the last full board meeting). 

    Apart from AB shouting down a few other people (including becoming fairly aggressive with this woman giving the smoke free housing presentation), there were actually moments of loud agreement between AB/MTOPP crowd and many of the orthodox community and board members on several issues, including opposition to the smoke free housing initiative (viewed by some as discriminatory and a potential avenue for landlords to evict poor tenants who, according to AB, smoke to deal with the "stress of being poor") and opposition to the safety improvements. 
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    Alicia Boyd had a lot to say about this project at tonight's CB9 meeting. 

    It isn't surprising, but a lot of the local advocates do not like the armory plans.   Their complaints are the common ones:

    - The jobs created won't be union.

    - The affordable housing won't be given to the people who truly need and deserve it.

    - The recreation facility will be too expensive for the present, low income residents.

    - Their favorite contractor was not selected for the job.

    - etc. 

  • @whynot_31 when/where did you get the sense that local advocates didn't like the plans?  Was it at this meeting?  The armory is a clear compromise on both sides.  Some people just don't understand what's good for their own community.
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    I like the armory plans, but not everyone does.

    Hence, the money shot (see above) will be circulated by the EDC throughout the process.  


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    Specifically, many members of the First Baptist Church of Crown Heights (corner of EP and Rogers) are upset because their development corp. was not chosen to develop the site.

    The corp has been active in Crown Heights for quite sometime, and now is shrinking due to increased competition.

    Here's some background on it: 

    "In 1987 Rev. Norman founded the Local Development Corporation of Crown Heights.  Through the Local Development Corporation, Rev. Norman has helped develop more than 800 units of housing for senior citizens and low income families.  The Local Development Corporation has constructed twenty-one buildings in Crown Heights, including David Chavis Apartments, The Albany Residence and St. John’s Apartment."!reverendnormanbio/c1f1h

  • "town houses owned BY WHO? certainly they won't be people from this community"

    quick! lower the giant plastic dome over the community!! let us never again see/hear/speak to those Not From This Community
  • It's all completely speculative at this point, of course, but that does mean there's plenty of time for an organized group of people to influence the process. thanks for share...
  • This project is subject to ULURP.

    Those who hate it will get to voice their objections, while those in power are forced to act like they are listening.

  • EWWW. I may have said this before, but I'd love to get all authoritarian about this and get something built and done within, say, 18 months.
  • Can I lend you a thin veil? 

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    whynot_31 said:

    This project is subject to ULURP.

    Those who hate it will get to voice their objections, while those in power are forced to act like they are listening.


    Ha ha!

    Ha ha ha!

    At least this project will actually reach ULURP before the land study!
  • I think it is too early to be sure of that.
    BTW, some want the project to include lots of genuinely affordable housing, AND be built with union labor:

    A unicorn that lays golden eggs!
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    Bedford Courts now has a website and additional public meetings:


    I believe this meeting will be facilitated by Kweighbaye Kotee

    It seems Slate knows what it is doing....

  • I've registered for this event and will update this thread tonight if there is anything interesting.

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    CAMBA will routinely sublease the rec spaces to local nonprofits and orgs.

    The developers need ULURP to grant R7X zoning; The site is presently R6.

    In addition, the ability to sell the townhouse portion would need to be granted by the ULURP process, the EDC presently does not have said authority.

    Construction could start Mid 2017 and finish by 2010. Once complete, the space will be configured in such a way that events as large as those presently held (concerts, Satmar gathering) won't be possible.

    Residents fear that the rec facility and the additional housing will make getting a parking spot even harder than it is now. "Only" 110 parking spots will be created for 330 apartments and the rec users. R7X zoning would allow said ratio.

    Residents were not swayed by the development's proximity to public transportation.

    Several members of CB9 were in attendance.

  • feb 25

    For MWBE businesses...

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    Wear down your opposition with meetings, and money.


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    CAMBA's present array of programming:

    A mtg was held tonight as well:


  • Drilling has been going on since Thursday of last week on the Union side of the armory.
  • The redevelopment of the Kingsbridge Armory continues to provide an illustration of how this could be YEARS before it comes to fruition.

  • You think it'll be years? They were drilling soil samples below the sidewalk for a solid 4 days. And now there is a little yellow box with a wire across the road on Union (surveying traffic?). And even yesterday there was a guy standing near the box with a microphone on a tripod. At least I think it was a microphone. He came several times throughout the day. Maybe checking noise levels? Seems to be a lot of activity on the Union side of the Armory this week.
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    Even if they have a smooth approval via ULURP, construction is not supposed to be done until 2020.

    Another meeting was held today:  

  • I propose another use for the Bedford Union Armory -- a Longsword Training Facility! How "brooklyn" would that be?

    VERY  Brooklyn!
  • The present pitch:

    Bedford Courts, LLC is inviting local community organizations and residents to an informational meeting focused on opportunities for neighborhood community-based organizations. We want to meet with providers to explore a range of programs and recreational services for the Bedford-Union Armory. In addition, participants will meet the leadership and learn more about CAMBA, the recreational facility and community event space operator.

    CAMBA is a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization with a proven track record of providing holistic programs throughout Brooklyn. Since 1977, CAMBA has responded to community needs by offering integrated services and programs targeting economic development, education and youth development, family support, health, housing, and legal services. Each year, CAMBA serves more than 45,000 individuals and families, including 10,000 Brooklyn youth. CAMBA currently operates six community centers and will soon add six more.

    CAMBA is committed to collaborating with the local community and encourages feedback regarding the programs that will be offered at The Bedford-Union Armory.

    Not only is this event an opportunity to discuss development and program plans for the Armory, but more importantly it's an opportunity to share ideas about the types of programs that would benefit the Crown Heights community.

    If your organization provides programming, or you are interested in joining the conversation, we strongly urge you to attend this meeting. Be sure to bring business cards to exchange with CAMBA staff to ensure you stay connected.

    To RSVP, please click below or email and include “Community Organizations Meeting” in the subject line.
  • Any highlights from the meeting those who went?
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    A friend that occasionally attends these perceives them as mostly being a way to take away the "they never met with us" card from the local activist types.
  • The DOB seems to have determined that the entity requesting permits for the site was not legally eligible to.

    As a result, work must stop, and an entity with legal possession of the site must re-request the permits.

  • Didn't realize that they had officially started anything.  Aren't they waiting for ULURP or something of the sort?  
  • Parts of the project require ULURP, but other parts do not.

    ...the part that involves selling the portion along President St and then building townhomes, involves ULURP.

  • Didn't realize that they had officially started anything.  Aren't they waiting for ULURP or something of the sort?  
    Like I posted before, there was extensive ground testing being done weeks ago on the Union side. Today, there is a lot of jackhammering going on inside. No idea if that's anything, or just some work being done for an event or something.
  • They have to wait until the complete ULURP to before they can make any major changes to the site.

    Slate will be doing that work.

    This site continues to be one of the sites I believe will make a large impact on western Crown Heights:

  • The new site is said to include a pool.    In light of the recent controversy about women's only hours in Williamsburg, I wonder if Crown Heights' Lubavitch would seek to rent the pool for periods of time.

    By doing so, could they host a weekly "private event" at the pool that would spare them the controversy that came from a public pool "granting" special hours?

  • I bet Slate wishes, wishes, wishes for fishes that the Armory was across the street in CB 8's territory. I can't wait for the circus of the ULURP application. 
  • In light of the forces in play, I view the ULURP process as being something the Slate reps will have to sit through, but stand no chance of "losing".

    So, I expect the show and the outcome to be much Atlantic Yards.

    The ever shrinking MTOPP will play the role of Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn.

  • EDC's redevelopment of the Kingsbridge Armory continues to flounder:
  • whynot_31 said:

    The new site is said to include a pool.    In light of the recent controversy about women's only hours in Williamsburg, I wonder if Crown Heights' Lubavitch would seek to rent the pool for periods of time.

    By doing so, could they host a weekly "private event" at the pool that would spare them the controversy that came from a public pool "granting" special hours?

    Probably not. Don't they still have women's only hours at St John's Rec center? When last I used that pool (several years ago) those days/hours were mostly Hasidic women. 
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