They can't be racist!!! another beating of a asian. — Brooklynian

They can't be racist!!! another beating of a asian.

Chicago police are questioning six teens in the beating of a 17-year-old boy that was captured on video and posted online.

Police say the attack happened Sunday in a South Side alley. Video shows several assailants repeatedly kicking and striking the victim, sometimes with a shoe. The video was posted on YouTube.

Police say they robbed the victim of shoes and his wallet.

Chicago police said Tuesday that it didn’t appear the incident was racially motivated.

Authorities say the victim is of Asian descent. In the video, the assailants can be heard repeatedly using racial slurs(n-word) and making derogatory comments about speaking Chinese. Several assailants are wearing sweat shirt hoods and masks.

The victim was hospitalized for a laceration, bruising and abrasions.

No charges have been filed.


  • bunch of punks, reminds me of my childhood, always come in groups. once i caught one of them by themselves pay back. when one on one they are nothing more than little girls.

  • apparently by bunch of loser asians/others from the names anyway. living the american dream. ghettofied themselves.

  • The whole thing is horrific. If possible it is even worse that at least some of the attackers were themselves Asian. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it.

  • Self hate is among the most destructive forces around.

    ...and certainly not the variety of criminal case I would like to have come before me if I was a criminal court judge.

  • For example, some feel this ad from Beyonce is an example of self hate:

    Others believe that she is free to market herself however she chooses.

    .....who, if anyone, is to blame when someone hates one's self?

    What role (if any) does society appropriately play in a situation wherein a person hates a group that we believe them to be a member of?

    How does one treat a dysmophic disorder that causes one to hate their own race, gender, etc?

    How do we differentiate cases of self hate from cases in which a person argues they have no responsibility for the effects of their actions on others?

    Should people be required to embrace the attributes of themselves that we ascribe to them? If someone is only half "something" (race, sexual orientation, class, etc) do they have an obligation to celebrate the half of their identity that is historically oppressed, or can they embrace whatever they choose without judgement?

    What obligations (if any) stem from claiming an identity based on categories that are arbitrary, or of a nature that changes along a continuum? ...or have no agreed upon meaning?

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