899 - 917 Bergen Street: Soon to be Food Court and Beer Garden Smorgasborg
  • Most of your have read about the new home of the Brooklyn Flea, 1000 Dean Street.

    What you may not be aware of is the associated food court and beer garden to be located nearby, at 899 - 917 Bergen St. It will be named "Smorgasborg"

    It will seat up to 250 people..... beer, wine and hard liquor lic was supported by CB8.

  • Smorgasbergen

  • Those who like commercial activity, are going to love Western CH in 2015.

    Say goodbye to the local junk yards, auto repair places and bus depots: Serious investment is arriving.

  • Thank god I don't live on that block anymore.

  • These folks are not playing around:

    The five occupants of the new food hall, scheduled to open toward the end of the year, will be drawn from the network of smart, business-savvy food vendors that Brooklyn Flea has nurtured. Becoming a member of Demby and Butler’s club isn’t easy. “There’s an intense curation process you go through before you’re invited to be a vendor,” says Danny Lyu, who launched his Mexican sandwich stand Cemitas at Smorgasburg, the sprawling food markets Brooklyn Flea operates in the Williamsburg and Dumbo neighborhoods from April to November. “They want to know who you are, what your idea is, and then you have to cook for them before they’ll ever let you in.”

    Butler is especially tough. “We’re not looking for the pitch, ‘I make great cookies,’?” he says. “We want, ‘I found a market for these cookies, and this is what my logo looks like, and this is what my brand is.’?”

    Source: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-02-21/goldman-sachs-backs-brooklyn-fleas-new-food-market

    Echo: http://m.ny.eater.com/archives/2013/02/brooklyn_flea_1.php

  • OpossumQueen said:

    I thought this belonged here. Link to article.

    From the link:

    Turns out those plans to join up with Whole Foods Bowery were just the beginning: The Times says Eric Demby and Brownstoner founder Jonathan Butler, the guys behind Smorgasburg, are ready to take the Artisanal Brooklyn movement corporate.

    In addition to extending their Whole Foods partnership to upcoming stores in Gowanus and Williamsburg, the duo also plans on opening a beer hall in Crown Heights and — thanks to a $25 million investment from Goldman Sachs coupled with "$1.5 million in support" from Marty Markowitz's office — open an incubator kitchen in an old Studebaker Service Station at 1000 Dean Street. For that last bit, Demby and Butler will also partner with BFC Partners, the megadeveloper that is currently working on the massive City Point project on the land that partly housed the DeKalb Market. (Butler broke down the plans on Brownstoner last April.)

    Sounds like today's small-batch food producers really might be tomorrow's millionaires.

  • A nine-thousand square foot beer hall, coffee house and outdoor garden with several varied food outlets as well as a private room is being developed, soon to be the largest and most comfortable gathering place in the neighborhood, serving tenants with meeting, eating and drinking space.


  • 44,000 square feet and one bathroom.

    I still say its "Smorgasbergen"

  • I like "Smorgasbergen", but am confident that no matter what people call it, this place is going to be popular.

    In the future, folks from Bed Stuy will be crossing Atlantic to get to spend a day shopping and eating here.

  • caseopele said:

    Thank god I don't live on that block anymore.


  • I can't be the only one who is wondering if they will figure out how to put an open air dining and drinking area on the garage that is to become the food and beer court.

    Cha Ching $.

  • A frequent contributor to the Brooklynian photo pool (top left of page) took some photos of the soon-to-be-foodcourt during the summer of 2010, and then uploaded them on Jan 20, 2013.

    I can't embed them, because all rights are reserved, but you can see them by clicking here, then scrolling to Jan 20, 2013 "Open Fire hydrant guy"


    It is safe to say this scene will not look like this again.....

  • nearby properties are changing fast:

    (Dead link re: a warehouse on the block for sale)

  • I understand that 3rd Ward (which has an existing location in Williamsburg) will run fanciest dining portion of this site.

    They will describe their vision for the alcohol/bar portion of this place at the upcoming CB8 Subcommittee mtg.

    They have requested a full liq lic.

    Monday, May 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM at CNR-Center Light Health Care Center, which is located at 727 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (between Park and Prospect Places).

  • Lots of renovation being done to the structure of the former garage. The roof is now missing in several places.

  • The office spaces are on track for an Oct 2013 opening, and the pre-opening press is now running at full steam:


    ^lots of photos^

    However, the beer hall and food court is not expect to open until 2014. Perhaps April 2014....

  • Readers, this development is one of several big developments happening in the area, here is a list:


  • From yesterday's NY Times:

    BERG’N A new beer hall and food court run by Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea will open in March in a 9,000-square-foot space seating 300. The vendors will be Asiadog, Mighty Quinn’s, Pizza Moto and Ramen Burger: 899 Bergen Street (Franklin Avenue), Crown Heights, Brooklyn; bergn.com.

  • As far as I'm concerned, it shall always be called Smorgasbergen

  • Smorgasbergen 4ever

  • Smorgasbergen! Brilliant!

  • Snazzy rendering:
  • Press that includes the beer list:http://gothamist.com/2014/01/13/bergn.phpPeople like beer.
  • Website up:https://www.facebook.com/bergnbeerhall

    Construction photos within!

    The bar:Area for coffee and bagelsThe whole space
  • If any of you are wondering what sort of "feel" they are going for, the food venues in this article provide models: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/12/dining/restaurant-review-gotham-west-market-in-hells-kitchen.html?_r=0
  • Tonight, I met one of the managers who will be running the beer garden. She says they are looking at an early April opening in light of the bad weather.
  • This weekend, Ms. Whynot and I made it a point to go to Gotham West market, to see what Bergen might be like.


    Their foot print is much smaller than "ours". It was crowded, there was not much space to walk around or hang out. Everyone was constantly in everyone else's way.

    As a result of being larger and not in Manhattan, hopefully "ours" will avoid these problems.
  • Branding:
  • website:    http://www.bergn.com/

    "A beer hall from the creators 
    of the Brooklyn Flea and 
    featuring the food of 
    Asia Dog, Mighty Quinn's, 
    Pizza Moto, and Ramen Burger. 

    899 Bergen Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11238

    SPRING 2014" 

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