Police activity Nostrand and Park Place 3/28/2013 - Brooklynian

Police activity Nostrand and Park Place 3/28/2013

I just went by the intersection of Nostrand and Park Place and there is a police van, a bunch of officers and at least two cruisers. The police vehicles were parked in front of the Deli. Whatever happened seemed to attract a fair amount of onlookers. Any idea what occurred?


  • From what was gathered from a local deli worker: There is a "disco place" around there. (You sometimes see people lined up to get in.) Apparently it got shut down tonight because of too many fights and now the area is filled with kids/people who have been ejected. The cops are there to make sure nothing gets out of hand and people disperse. Or so it has been assumed from witnesses and said deli worker. Maybe other people have more information?

  • That explains why they all seemed to be in their late teens. Ugh that club is nothing but trouble.

  • I believe the club is Palace on Nostrand between Park and Sterling

  • Yeah, my understanding is that the owner doesn't have a liquor license so he books primarily teen parties. The kids purchase alcohol in the neighborhood or bring it from home so many come in drunk or high already.

    I knew last night was going to be trouble because when I got home at 7pm there was a line from the front door to the corner of Park Place that was 4 to 5 kids deep. I estimated a couple of hundred kids waiting outside. Since those parties tend to go until 10pm there was no way the place wasn't going to be at capacity.

    One of my SO's co-worker's has a son who went to a party there for his 16th birthday. He was drinking, got into a fight and was beaten until unconscious and left in the street. That place is bad news.

  • I will concur with all the above and add that somebody got "sliced" and hence all the dispursion by the cops. Too bad for the kids, they have nothing to do and a dance seems appropriate for the beginning of a holiday weekend. Apparently they are frisked pretty good before they get in (hearsay) and most of the kids on the street dont seem too impaired on the street. They are just looking for something to do.

  • I didn't realize that club was so violent! It seems really weird they don't have a liquor license. Does anyone know if they had it and lost it? I just assumed they had a couple under 21 nights.

    I've seen the really long lines before but they have always seemed orderly. I know the NYPD has been there to ensure they queue remained clam. Security seemed pretty tight to me or at least on par for many nightclubs in the city.

    Homeowner was your coworkers son carried out during the course of the fight? Or did the bouncers just dump him out because they didn't want to deal with calling an ambulance? The latter happens at an alarming rate at clubs and bars across the country.

  • I am on my phone, so I don't have time to look up whether they have a alc lic at the moment, but here is how YOU can find out and then share the answer with all of us:

    Go here: http://lamp.sla.ny.gov/nysla/index.htm

    Zoom in on address.

    Tell it to layer (show icons)


  • Thanks whynot! They do indeed have an active liquor license. It also appear they have never had it suspended or revoked.

  • He was ejected from the club after the fight started, and it continued out it the street. He doesn't remember anything so his mom got the story from his "friends" who were with him.

    Every 3-4 months they have a blow-up, but fortunately it seems that most fights are limited to fisticuffs and haven't involved too many guns or knives. I think this is one of the reasons it hasn't gotten a ton of Police interest. My favorite was a couple of years back when the NYPD had skywatch on the corner and some guys ended up fighting UNDER the tower. Over the last couple of years they seem to be focusing on younger crowds including the LGBT teen community.

    Between this place and Secrets it makes for some interesting Sunday mornings on the Avenue.

  • Do they charge a really big cover on the Under 21 nights?

    I ask because most places make their money off alc drink sales, and if I wasn't selling alc, I would need to make some money somehow to host such events.

  • No idea. But, my experience is that places that cater to kids tend to charge $4-5 bucks for soda or a couple of dollars for water. That could easily make up for the lost alcohol sales.

  • Palace is up for rent. According to the billboard "entire second floor and cellar, seats 650 people"

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    713 Nostrand

    Cafe 400 ---> The Palace

    I couldn't find a current listing for the property, but was able to get some data from the last time it was listed. Combined, the two stories have about 13,000 sq ft. ...since we are just talking about the second floor, we are talking 6500 sq ft.

    old listing: http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/17425948/713-723-Nostrand-Avenue-Brooklyn-NY/

    The Palace has an alcohol lic that is valid until Feb 2015.


    I assume they did not serve alcohol on their teen nights.

    And, last but not least, here is a promotional video for The Palace:

    (note the video contains language Not Safe for Work)

  • Epiclylaterd said:

    Palace is up for rent. According to the billboard "entire second floor and cellar, seats 650 people"

    Yay! No more palace! Yay! Dare I hope that the next business will have a chiller clientele?

  • Having been inside when it originally opened as Cafe 400, I can tell you that the place is perfect for a sports bar. Other uses that could work would be dance studio, yoga studio, small gym, or any other business that would utilize an open floor plan. I could even see small live music/spoken word/entertainment venue. Whatever it becomes, I hope the days of teens fighting in the streets are behind it. That place deserves so much more.

  • Not only does it "deserve more", it is financially WORTH more than its former use. Other than special events, it seems like The Palace was only utilized Friday and Saturday nights.

    The uses homeowner lists would utilize the space much more often, and generate a lot more revenue for the LL.

    ...I don't think any of us needs to "hope for a more chill crowd". I think one is assured.

  • Noticed a For Sale sign on the building as well

  • See if you can get me the name of the realty company....

  • Nevermind!

    As of Oct 15, this listing was last updated 12 days ago.

    loopnet wrote: Shaun Riney and Matt Fotis of Marcus & Millichap are pleased to offer 713 Nostrand Avenue, located on the corner of Sterling Place in the North Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, NY. The subject property is a 2-story commercial building that consists of 7 ground floor retail units, approximately 4,000 square feet of second floor space and approximately 3,800 square feet of usable cellar space with approximately 10-12 foot ceiling heights. The property is built full and sits on a 100 ft x 43.5 ft lot with approximately 12,413 gross square feet. The property is zoned C4-3 allowing for approximately 6,090 square feet of available air rights which can be used for both residential and commercial use. (Block: 1241, Lot: 79).

    Currently the property' s certificate of occupancy indicates use for stores on the ground floor and eating/drinking place without restrictions that can accommodate up to 680 people on the second floor and cellar. Recently a sprinkler system was installed for the second floor and cellar space.

    This property offers investors the rare opportunity to purchase a large mixed use tax payer with 100 feet of frontage on Nostrand Avenue, available air rights and the ability to convert a portion of the square footage to residential use in the North Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York.


    They'd like $4.5M for the site.

    713 - 723 Nostrand

  • So basically it's two lots on Nostrand for a mere $4.5m?


  • Thats 100 feet frontage so its more like 4 lots, as far as stores are concerned. Oh excuse me 7 commercial spaces - plus the 2nd floor. not bad.

  • Yes, you get 713 - 723 Nostrand, which is the entire building with the chalices on top of it.

    <small>View Larger Map</small>

  • The chalices alone make it a steal!

  • Upon closer look, it seems one night club used the cellar, and the other used the second floor.

  • Here's a Brownstoner link to when it was BOTD. It was originally bowling and billiards. I would not oppose if that's they wanted it to return to.


  • I would be thrilled if a Duane Reade or a Walgreens came in...with the two floors, it might be doable!

  • I suspect that the area could now support an upscale vegetable/prepared foods market; said entity could use the entire first floor and the cellar. Something like Union Market, but not quite that upscale/pricey.

    The second floor could be a use like Homeowner describes.

  • crownheightster said:

    I would be thrilled if a Duane Reade or a Walgreens came in...with the two floors, it might be doable!

    I second this!

  • Nix on the drugstore. Gee how much product do you use? The are huge drug stores on St. Johns, Restoration Plaza, and Fulton and Nostrand. Do we need one on Every Corner? Nostrand needs Something interesting and foodie before we get all chain store like and completely kill any chance of having anything good.

  • 100x43 is roughly two lots by local norms, not four, regardless of the frontage. Although the frontage certainly makes it more appealing.

  • Well let me get my pencil out and draw a diagram, Yes 100 X 43 may be 2 residential lots in the middle of the block. but this is a corner building and commercial to boot, and there are 7 storefronts on Nostrand, and as some corner buildings go you get shafted in the backyard department so in this case frontage really does count. Thanks for the dog food donation BTW :salut:

  • Ah, tsarina, it is not my immense need for product that makes me want a big, fancy drugstore -- admittedly, it is the convenience that this location would offer within a block from home. Sometimes I feel like a lazybones and don't want to haul out to Restoration Plaza or St John's or Fulton.

    But you are right. An interesting foodie place or intriguing local Brooklyn artisan would be much preferred to the start of a million chain stores on Nostrand. I'd love for something like Bob & Betty's to come to Nostrand SOON.

  • From your lips to gods ears. The first Foodie deli with good fruits and veggies and healthy snacks gets all my extra spending money. sometimes I;m too tired to schlep over to Franklin. I have begged the Pine Tree people to expand over here.

  • This site is interesting in that its facade landmarked.

    Having the first floor chopped up into tiny storefronts kind of takes away from its visual appeal. For that reason, I hope we get one big entity on the first floor, with nice windows.

  • Little birdie told me the landlord was looking to get a bank or a franchise in the ground floor.
  • Given how much I expect Nostrand to change over the next year or so, I think a bank or other franchise would do well at that location. CPEX is a big enough firm that it is able to handle such clients.
  • stupid question, but what do you mean by franchise in this context? Any store with more than a few locations? So anything from Subway to Duane Reade to Bath and Body Works?
  • Not 100% sure but the sense that I got was a corporate owned multi-store business or an owner/operator of a large traditional franchise like Baskin-Robbins or Subway
  • I am renting the space below that ex "nightclub" (opening a coffee shop in the next couple weeks). The night club is closed for good. Landlord is looking for a new tenant. 
  • gym gym gym gym gym. I mean, I know it's probably not big enough...but please, gods of gentrification and real estate, I would love a gym. 
  • Odiaz, is the landlord the new owner of the site?

    Or, is it the same landlord?
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    Funny you mention a Gym would be awesome and the space is HUGE, it legally fits couple hundred. The landlord is the same since June ( thats when I meet him not sure how much longer he was there) and I really like him. Super nice guy very business oriented and cares about his tenants and from what I have spoken to local business owners they also like the guy. 
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    Sounds like his attempts to sell the property were not successful.

    The second floor is presently listed in CPEX's "office leases" section, which would seem to indicate that they aren't pitching it as a gym.

    Sorry, laura palmer....         

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    I wonder if these organizers are looking for a home: 

    The neighborhood might approve. 

    They could use the existing nightclub lighting. 

     Oh, the contrasts from the video above....    
  • This is beyond idiotic. Get people in large enough crowd, drunk enough and they'll pay for anything.
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    I was thinking that several businesses along Dean Street between Classon and Franklin seem to be embracing the model newguy88 describes.  

    Nostrand and Park isn't too far away...
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