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Hey all,

I, like many poor souls, live with a mice problem. It started in the fall and I assumed it would subside when the warm weather hit. But here it is April and I'm still getting them. I keep my place clean. The trash is kept in a sealed can and all food is either in the bread box, above the sink counters or in the fridge.

I usually only get one or two mice a month. But still their disgusting. I've had the landlord send an exterminator in. But nope nothing. I think the majority of my problem lies in the fact I live over the buildings utility room. I've tried sealing thier holes but every time they, without fail, chew a new one.

So my question is this. Does anyone know if getting any of those electronic repellents work? What about borrowing my friend's dog for a couple days? Would getting his scent around my place help?


  • Borrow a cat, not a dog.

    Dog will scare mice away ...mice will return upon dog's return to owner.

    Cat will corner, and torture mice until they are dead. ...then, cat will present the mice carcass to you as present. Experience has shown that once cat is returned, zombie mice are rare.

  • What are you sealing holes up with? You should be using steel wool in every gap or crack, be ruthless :rambo:

  • After sealing, put some really tasty food on a counter and surround it with sticky traps. You can lure them onto the traps this way sometimes. (Then drown the mice in the toilet).

    They come in in our heaters. They just run in and out and into other people's apartments. Very gross. I really need to get screens and put them over all the heating vents. If you're not allergic to cats though that it the answer too. It's almost kitten season when cat rescues will be overwhelmed with felines. You could take one in as a foster, give it love, it will take care of your mouse problem, and then it will find another home. The smell of a cat (from a mouse's perspective) can stick around for quite some time so you'll be good for a while.

  • Victor electric traps to zap the mice. Way better than those horrid sticky traps that leave you with a live/injured mouse to deal with. Filling the holes, etc. is ideal but sometimes in rentals, you can't effectively do this without spending a small fortune. I used to smear PB at the end of the maze and leave it in place, but off for a day or so to get them used to go into it then turn it on.

  • Whynot I'll see if I can't borrow a cat from someone. I'm glad to hear that this method prevents zombie mice. This has been a big concern from me. Their gross with their fascination with brains and everything!

    I've been using heavy aluminum foil. They gnaw on it for a bit then go create another hole. The problem is my kitchen wall is pretty much hollow plaster so as soon as one hole gets plugged up they create a new one. I think plugging holes might be a losing battle.

    OpposumQueen I'm probably going to end up purchasing that trap. It seems to work!

  • I got great advice here when I saw a mouse scamper across my floor (and the dog just regarded it from the sofa like, "Hmm, isn't that interesting?", so he was no use): Peppermint oil.

    Get the real stuff, not extract or anything diluted in any way, from the health food store or one of those natural places. Soak cotton balls with it and put them all around the places the mice are getting in or hanging out. I saw from the droppings, ugh, that they'd been on my kitchen counter behind the microwave, so I put a few back there.

    They hate the smell of peppermint so it works as a repellent--though it's a nice scent for humans. Keep putting down freshly soaked balls every other day or so to make sure all the little buggers get the picture. I haven't had a problem since and that was a couple of years ago. Also, I tried traps--but the old-fashioned snap kind baited with chocolate; I just can't with glue traps--and they caught nothing.

  • Thanks Sluggo! I'll give that a try as well.

  • When I had my faucet changed, the sink was off and my super showed me a big hole around one of the pipes. He filled it with steel wool and I haven't seen one since.

    I used the clamshell kind of traps, I put a cracker on it, and the little guy just took the cracker off and ate it. I did the same thing with peanut butter and regular traps, he just licked the peanut butter off.

    I set a regular trap with bacon and really hooked it on there, I got one of them like that. But they always have friends. The glue traps are too cruel for my taste.

    Plugging the holes with steel wool works best if you can.

  • I'm coming up empty on borrowing a cat. Now I am very seriously considering getting a cat. However three things are stopping me.

    1. I'm going back to grad school next spring and I worry about giving the animal enough TLC. I've seen way too many members of my generation get pets then fail to take care of them. I don't want to do this.

    2. It's a space issue I live in a studio and worry about where I would put the litter box. The only place in the apartment where I currently have enough empty space is next to my bed or fridge. :puker:

    3. I'd be able to afford the routine costs of a cat (food, litter, toys ect.) and the cost of adopting one. But if the cat required major medical work I'm not sure I could shoulder the vet bills.


  • You could consider fostering a cat. Then you might get a mouser and can try out having a pet while helping a cat. I'd go through a bigger shelter or rescue group that will actively try to find the cat a home, unless you want to be in charge of finding it a home or think you're likely to keep it.

  • I'm telling you, you should consider fostering cats. You can be their home between the shelter and their, umm, furever home. All the fun of having a cat without having to deal with when they get aged and medical bills pile up. And you would be doing a really good thing.

    In terms of creative ways to do a litter box look at ikeahackers.net They have a number of ingenious ways to hide them.

  • My suggestion is litter box in the bathroom next to the toilet if space is available. It will also spur you to scoop when you poop.

  • newguy88 said:

    2. It's a space issue I live in a studio and worry about where I would put the litter box. The only place in the apartment where I currently have enough empty space is next to my bed or fridge. :puker:


    Top entry litter boxes are great :bounce: for this purpose. And you can Do It Yourself one for about $7. I find this video amusing :cat: and I'm sure someone here can lend you a tabletop sander (see Whynot, lol) or just hand smooth it out how you see fit.

  • Today I found out two great things!

    Great thing #1: I had at least two live mice in my apartment. Now I'm down to at least 1. I really don't want to know how many they are.

    Great thing #2: They can chew through steel wool.

    I'm going to try the electric trap and peppermint oil next. Although I'm getting very good at placing spring traps. I'm afraid my place has more spring traps than the DMZ has landmines.

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