HELLO HEALTHY NIBBLES (formerly Caribbean Flavor)
  • 1. They have seats and tables.

    2. Their lunch special is BANGING! Lots of food for $5.

    3. A Trini, Guyanese, and Jamaican chef. (I asked) So you're getting 3 styles of West Indian Food.

    Good times.

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  • Caribbean Flavor


    Brooklyn, NY 11216

    Phone: (718) 774 7677

  • btween sterling and park!

  • We tried it for lunch. The jerk is spicy, but not dry. The peas and rice were nicely flavored with coconut milk and the $5 lunch is almost enough for two meals. I'll definitely go back. I'd say they are one of the better places on Nostrand.

  • Press:

    The brand new restaurant offering Caribbean cuisine opens its doors at Brooklyn. Caribbean Flavor features Lunch Specials which includes curry, stew, seafood, vegetables, sides, chicken and pork served with fried rice or white rice or peas, etc.

    Caribbean Flavor’s breakfast menu includes dishes like Salt Fish, Fry Potato, Fry Okra, Bhagee, Fish Cake, Cassava Ball, House Special Fried Rice, Cow Heel, Veggie, etc. The restaurant serves Chow Mein, Goat Curry, Oxtail Stew, Fried Chicken, Pepper Shrimp Seafood, Bunjal Pork (curried) and much more. Caribbean Flavor is opened all the days from 7 AM- 12 AM.

    photos and quote: http://blog.whereyoueat.com/brooklyn/grand-opening-caribbean-flavor-in-crown-heights/

  • Just notice the sandwich board ad for $6 dinner special.

  • My sense is that it is tough to make a profit at these price points.

    This place is going to need to sell A LOT of food to make a profit.

  • Its not that far off of the other Caribbean places and they seem to do alright :wink:

  • Yes, the nearby blocks present this restaurant with lots of established competition.

    So far, he seems to be going against the competition head on. As pointed out about, his strengths are the quantity of food you get, and the ability to eat in. This may allow him to steal some customers from established places.

    ...further increasing the chances that the established places go out of business when their present lease expires, and they are faced with an increase.

    It would be interesting to see whether the overall demand for Carib Food on Nostrand is presently increasing or decreasing.

  • Another reason these guys win...

    Unlike all the other West Indian spots on Nostrand..they are open on Sunday. And they run that $5 lunch special on the weekends!!!

  • Ok Ok fine! I'll give them a go and post my findings.

  • Any decent vegetarian offerings? I like the sound of a $5 lunch special.

  • ehgee said:

    Any decent vegetarian offerings? I like the sound of a $5 lunch special.

    yep...curry channa and potato, pumpkin, cassava, ackee, spinach..lots of veggie stuff.

  • I just stopped in here for dinner on Wednesday and liked it so much that I had to go back for more on Thursday. Their food is fresh, delicious, and the price is more than right! I especially enjoyed the rice & peas with curry sauce on top + jerk chicken.

    I was talking to one of the very sweet & friendly owners, who told me that things are going pretty well, but that they are still trying to get the word out about their business. They just had new menus delivered on Monday and their daughter set up a Yelp page yesterday. So if you have eaten there and would like to show some love, here's a link to Caribbean Flavor on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/caribbean-flavor-new-york

  • And it appeared to be closed today.
  • Looks like they cleared out the stove and counters
  • I think the next restaurant should not try to compete with existing West Indian places, all of which may be serving a shrinking demand.
  • I would suggest southern Indian, which has many fans and zero representation (!) in the borough at this time.
  • And, now we have new entity coming to the site:

    The entity seems to have been created back in January:

  • Healthy Nibbles...perhaps it will be similar to this vegan shop over on Flatbush? http://www.yelp.com/biz/healthy-nibbles-brooklyn
  • wow. oh well. so long carribbean flavor. your lunch specials were tasty while they lasted. but HELLO HEALTHY NIBBLES!! If this is the same spot from Flatbush, I'm excited :D 

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