Vicente's Mexican + Hookah coming to 676 Franklin (next to Indian restaurant)
  • Dec 7

    Longtime readers may recall that this place was once to become a bar run by the Indian Restaurant next door, but that never came to fruition.

    Now, the space has presumably changed hands and is to become a Mexican Restaurant with Hookah pipes.


    676 Franklin Avenue

    Note: My understanding is that when one allows Hookah smoking, one can not also serve alcohol. So, it should be interesting to see how this place does in light of all of the other Mexican places in western Crown Heights. Vicente's will make six (6!):

    1. Chavella's

    2. Gueros

    3. The soon-to-open burrito place across from Bob and Betty's (formerly Jam Rock)

    4. The soon-to-open location of Yummy Taco on Washington (blick!)

    5. Los Muertos on Washington

    6. Vicente's

  • wasnt there one opening on nostrand too? did i just make that up?

  • Good memory!

    Yes, Clayfilms broke that news:

    So, that is


    including the one coming to 814 Nostrand, by Lula Bagel.

  • Mexican food with no booze, and acrid fruity smoke?! Im predicting a quick fail, unless this is a joke. Or these guys quickly do some research and realize their impending mistake. Is there a hookah place anywhere that does very well?

  • I have similar fears.

    Readers may remember that a prior attempt at this location, Bollywood Bar, failed before it even opened.

    Personally, I am seeing far more new/expectant mothers on Franklin Avenue than I am seeing single, hookah-smoking- Mexican-food-eating males.

    But the proprietors are welcome to create a business that caters to a group I perceive as shrinking if they choose.

  • I might be missing something, and I know it's Prospect Heigths, but Zaytoons on Vanderbilt serves both hookah and booze. No liquor, but they have beer and wine.

  • Interesting about Bombay Bar, the owner told me he couldnt open the bar b/c of the church across the street, and he didnt know the rules when he signed the lease.

    Anyhow, curious as to who hookah smokers are since even at zaytoons I didnt see anyone smoking (maybe an off day). Doesnt sound like a hipster thing. Black males maybe? Either way, when I think of hookahs, I think of...oh yeah....booze. cigars&scotch. cigarettes&beer. etc.

  • Small correction: it's Vicente's (only one "n").

    Attached files image image
  • Thanks, I've fixed it!

    [readers, I previously spelled it as Vincente's]

  • New Vicente's sign.Vicente's new sign
  • Is this place owned by the same owners as Bombay? I know it's been said before on this thread, but the idea of eating Mexican food with hookah smoke and no booze makes me a bit ill. I wonder if we could create a sort of new business preemptive death watch list thread. Is that mean?
  • Yes, I now believe that this entity is owned by the Bombay folks.1. They were going to open up a bar there, but it didn't happen: The awning for both of them appears to be one piece.3. The SLA application for the previous entity (Bombay Bar) is still pending

    The names of the applicants can be viewed on the above link.

    Above, I speculated that the place had changed hands. This was likely because I found it improbable that the owners of an indian restaurant would open a mexican/hookah place.Brooklyn, you never let me down. I see no reason they can't make "authentic mexican food and hookah".
  • I went inside Bombay Masala to ask if Vicente's had an opening date (or estimate of one). The managers didn't appear to speak English very well, but after a few attempts to explain my question they got the gist of it and then just referred me to the "Coming Soon" sign. I root for all local businesses, but as a native Texan (who lived in Mexico for awhile) I'm not expecting this to be some of the better Mexican food I've had. I hope to be proven wrong. Or at least something close to that.
  • They lost a lot of money as a result of serious errors last time:

    I do hope they have learned their lessons.

    Long time readers may recall a short lived place on Washington Ave that served Indian Food and Pizza.   It was not clear to me that the owners had ever been to even Pizza Hut, much less the arguably best place to get pizza: Staten Island.

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