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Moving? Do yourself a favor- don't go to U-Haul...

Subject: Moving? Do yourself a favor- don't go to U-Haul...

not that i like to bash companies, but man... worst service ever!

i had a 7am pick-up reservation, showed up at 7, got the truck around 8:20... there were 4 sets of customers ahead of me in line... that's an average 20 minutes per!!! while waiting, one of those customers had a breakdown- she had made her reservation a month earlier, confirmed it the night before, and was informed (after waiting in line for more than 45 minutes) that they had no one-way trucks. it was the only day that she could possibly move, and she had paid helpers waiting to load the truck at home. oops. sorry.

the truck, well, it was crap... and it didn't have the hand truck (dolly) that we had requested.

when we returned the truck, we realized that the guy that checked the truck out had mistakenly (or purposefully) indicated that the gas tank was full. it wasn't, but i guess that it was our fault for not checking before we pulled out of the lot. anyway, we were given the choice of either going back out to a gas station or paying 30 bucks plus 2 bucks/gallon for fuel. did i mention that we drove the truck a grand total of 5 miles (they keep track of mileage as they charge you about 1.50 per) and they were saying that we were responsible for about a quarter-tank of gas? we chose to go to the gas station, which they indicated was just around the corner... it was, but they didn't have the diesel required for the truck. another U-Haul employee happened to be at the gas station, and he was kind enough to direct us to the nearest gas station with diesel, which was about 2 miles away... never mind that we passed 4 diesel gas stations on the way back (we took his recommended route out there, and atlantic ave back).

maybe i'm being too rough on the company- maybe it's just that their location across from atlantic terminal is the worst in the nation... i don't know- any other U-Haul horror stories out there?


  • <sarcasm>Ohhhhh it will be such a shame when that place is torn down.</sarcasm>

    BTW one of the scum bags who cleans the vans stole my cell phone and then lied about it when i asked him if he saw it 5 minutes later. It was lying on the dashboard.
  • Alex wrote: <sarcasm>Ohhhhh it will be such a shame when that place is torn down.</sarcasm>
    i was saying the same thing to myself after having to actually pay them after that display of "service."
  • With Uhaul vans, you cannot open the van from the interior of the cargo area, EVEN IF THE DOOR IS UNLOCKED. This makes it very easy to lock yourself in, as I found out the hard way when the door swung shut behind me. It could've been worse - I could have locked myself and the keys in. I had lots of time to contemplate all the 'worse" scenarios while I waited for my friend to notice I was missing (he was packing boxes upstairs, I was moving boxes out of the basement. It took about 25 minutes.)

    I don't think it was a fluke van either, because we rented another one a few weeks later and tested it... same issue. This seems incredibly dangerous to me.
  • Slightly off-topic, but in the spirit of trying to avoid UHaul, has anyone ever used one of those U-Pack moving services? The ones where you pack your stuff into either a "pod" they deliver to you or part of a big truck, and then they haul it for you (for long-distance moves, of course)? Also, any thoughts about the safety of leaving all your worldly belongings in a locked metal "pod" on the street in Crown Heights, say, overnight?
  • bluedove wrote: Also, any thoughts about the safety of leaving all your worldly belongings in a locked metal "pod" on the street in Crown Heights, say, overnight?
    Yeah, unless I'd removed everything valuable and was only storing big bulky shit that I was okay with losing...I wouldn't feel that comfortable doing it.

    I'm assuming this "pod" is locked with a padlock?
  • Yeah, it's locked with a padlock (i don't know what type) and "can be parked anywhere a car can be parked"...I mean, I'm sure it's FAIRLY secure, but at the same time it seems like a big neon sign saying "I'm full of someone's entire houseful of belongings! Steal me!"

  • When we moved, we were technically homeless for a day... we had comtemplated renting a moving truck overnight, loading all of our stuff in it and keeping it someplace overnight while we stayed in a hotel... we didn't have to resort to that (thank god), but i don't think that i could have left that truck out of eyesight for the night... i'd have to pull one of those pee wee herman lockdowns to make me feel safe about it...
  • Subject: From today's

    Guy: Why'd you just hang up on 'em?
    Girl: I don't wanna talk to her. She'll call back.
    Guy: Yeah, but you can't just hang up.
    Girl: She wanna make a reservation. It's a waste of time, mine and hers.
    Guy: I know, but you can't tell them that!

    394 4th Avenue
    Brooklyn, New York

    Overheard by: Matthew Healy

    :shock: That explains a lot!
  • I used the U-Haul in Queens to move here and the service was *just* as bad. I think this is central to U-Haul. My dad and I showed up there to pick up some boxes the day before I moved and this took a HALF HOUR. And I witnessed a manager yelling at a representative for actually being helpful on the phone to some customer who was having trouble finding the store. (The Queens store is hard to get to and hard to find.)

    Fortunately, my dad was able to minimize his problems with U-Haul by showing up 2 hours before opening to secure the truck so that when they opened, he was first in line. However, the whole U-Haul experience ended up being a wash, but that was his fault. He lost the keys to the truck. #-o
  • I helped move my then-girlfriend a few years back and had the same bs experience as mentioned above with the U-Haul location by Tillary St: no available truck when we showed up at the designated time, even though the reservation was confirmed the night before; unhelpful staff, etc. We got a truck at one of their locations near Midwood the next day and they were OK. But because of the previous day's screw up, I ended up moving her all by myself since our friends could only help out on the originally planned day. A real drag, I must say. I haven't had to move in over 10 years so I'm bracing myself for when that day eventually comes.
  • Actually, it seems that if you book your reservation online, they will be more likely to have a truck. It's also recommended that on pickup day, you get there before they open so you're first in line.

    So we had no problems actually getting the truck we reserved or the dollies we wanted.
  • And if you need helpers, the U-Haul site has links to small moving companies that will come help you move for a fee.

    The movng company that we hired through U-Haul was EXCELLENT.
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