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Rocky Sullivan's / Liberty Heights Tap

Subject: Rocky Sullivan's / Liberty Heights Tap

Having been a regular at Liberty Heights Tap for several years, I'm totally dismayed at the changes resultant from its change of ownership. It used to be you could get a range of draft beers there (admittedly mostly Five Point, from the adjacent brewery, but that was okay because they're great beers) but now (as of today) all they've got on tap is Guinness and Budweiser. I first noticed the post-ownership-change downturn about three weeks ago when they were down to one Six Point on tap and couldn't even muster quarters for the pool table without sending a worker on a trek to get change. Since then it's gone downhill even more. What a shame that such a gem of a place has become the equivalent of a third rate chain bar like Connolly's. Well, I suppose they'll pull in the undiscriminating Ikea crowd once that store clogs the streets with traffic, but they won't be getting my business any more.

John Ife


  • my boyfriend were in the neighb picking up a key lime pie at Steve's so we stopped in to see what the new place was like. This was about a month or two ago and i couldn't believe they only had 2 Six Point brews on tap. One of them was wasn't even cold!

    To top it off (no pun intended) there was at least 2 inches of head on the thing too. I cannot stand it when i am given 3/4 of a glass at the price of a full beer. After I told the btender it was warm, they gave me another one filled to the top for free.

    Overall it was quite disappointing experience that a Bkln institution went this way. I don't think we'll be back.
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