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The Daily Show and the Writer's Strike

Subject: The Daily Show and the Writer's Strike

Letterman's show is going back to work WITH A CONTRACT with the WGA.
Comedy Central could do the same for The Daily Show.
Tell Network Execs to Negotiate: sign the petition at FireDogLake (a groovy political blog)
FireDogLake wrote:
Comedy Central is forcing The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report back onto the air on January 7 without their writing staffs. Both hosts are unhappy about this turn of events and have released the following joint statement:

“We would like to return to work with our writers. If we cannot, we would like to express our ambivalence, but without our writers we are unable to express something as nuanced as ambivalence.”

Can you sign this petition to the Comedy Central executives asking them to come back to the negotiating table, and ask your friends to sign it too?

The AMPTP walked out of negotiations with the writers just before the holiday season and refuses to go back. Instead, the networks are being bullies and trying to impose their corporate will on your favorite shows rather than treating workers fairly.

They don't seem to appreciate that razor sharp political analysis and great writing is the reason people watch these shows. Driving a wedge between Stewart, Colbert and their respective writing teams and putting on a show without the writers who worked hard to make them great is bad for the shows, bad for the network and bad for the fans.
How can they do "The Word" without...words?

Full text of petition:

I want The Daily Show and the Colbert Report to return with the Emmy-winning writing staffs who have made these shows great.

Please go back and negotiate with the WGA to give the writers a fair share. :D


  • I think they might respond better to, "If you don't negotiate with your writers, we won't watch your show because it won't be as funny."

    The networks REALLY don't like being boycotted.
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