Brooklyn's Most Squalid, PLG Edition: 115 Ocean Ave.
  • Right across the street from Prospect Park. They have 444 open violations right now, according to the News.

    Toilets without water, flooding ceilings, leaky radiators and a front vestibule door that never closes top the list of complaints at Brooklyn’s worst apartment buildings.
  • It's also right around the corner from the Lincoln Road entrance for the Prospect Park train station.

    I'm glad that these kinds of conditions are coming to light. 
  • As the housing crunch accelerates, housing conditions often get worse because low income tenants lose the power to demand better conditions.

    The issue is also getting a lot of coverage because DeBlasio stated he was going to change it during his campaign.

    Many are realizing just how hard these problems are to solve. ....having a new Mayor might not be enough.

  • The speculation is that landlords intentionally let buildings like this go to seed to put pressure on tenants to move on. Not saying there is a hidden motive here. That certainly is a prime location, right across from the park. 

    There was a video on last week where a tenant in Williamsburg was accusing the landlord of doing just this. I'll see if I can dig it up.
  • whynot_31 said:

    Many are realizing just how hard these problems are to solve. ....having a new Mayor might not be enough.

    At least there is a mayor who seems sympathetic to the problem. The previous administration was viewed as being more sympathetic to enthusiastic developers at the expense of lower and middle-income tenants.

    Most of the open DOB violations relate to the building's elevators according to the city's database. The most recent complains have been about the elevators. 
  • Yes, Brooklynian, when a landlord perceives that there are richer/better potential tenants than the ones presently in their building, such tactics arise.

    Hopefully DeBlasio will be measured on his success more than his intent.

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