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Methodist Hospital's "disingenuous" expansion plan

edited March 2014 in Park Slope
An anonymous tipster writes in about "a recently obtained copy of a letter," allegedly sent from engineering consulting firm Severud Associates, that "contradicts the oft repeated claim of Methodist Hospital officials that it is impossible to erect any portion of the proposed enormous outpatient facility over the hospital's existing underground parking garage." 

The letter, dated Dec. 19, 2013, says that "a vertical enlargement of the garage to add 5 new floors would not require the seismic retrofitting of the structure but would require a disruption of some or all of the garage's operations." 

"One wonders why," anonymous writes, "when the hospital constructed its parking garage and large brick building on Eighth Avenue between 4th & 5th Street, both structures weren't designed so that they could accommodate and be incorporated into any possible expansion of the hospital?  At best, Methodist Hospital appears indifferent to having Park Slope's residents suffer the consequences of its lack of foresight and its refusal to take advantage of the opportunity to construct five floors of its proposed new facility over its underground parking garage." 

"Methodist Hospital should modify its proposed design so that a portion of its proposed outpatient facility is constructed above the parking garage.  This would enable it to significantly reduce the height of the currently proposed massive structure, thereby reducing community opposition to the project." 

"The majority of residents in Park Slope would welcome such a revision of the hospital's plans and accept an outpatient facility that didn't tower over and permanently disfigure the appearance of their attractive historic community."
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