A new bar for St John's and Utica, Castle Hill Bar and Grill
  • 1421 St Johns

    I think construction is only just beginning, but haven't walked by in a while.

    I think it was previously known as Anthony's Corner Cafe ...soon will be Castle Hill Bar and Grill.

    http://www.nychealthratings.com/nycrestapp/restaurantlanding/3/Crown Heights/39308/Castle+Hill's+Bar+&+Grill+Llc
  • This opened on 3/28. Basically what Anthony's was. I think he got tired of very few patrons and the upstairs apartments which were originally supposed to be offices haven't been rented out either. The person that owned Anthony's owns the building and a gut renovation was done on it. He must have spent a bundle getting the offices converted to apartments. I wonder what the rent is but I figure it's got to be quite a sum.
  • Is Utica and St John's able/willing to support such a business?
  • That is to be determined I guess. There's enough foot traffic that goes by there but I have no idea what the prices are. The glass doors facing St. Johns are always open in the warm weather and the place looks quite nice but I've never seen many people in there.
  • This place is now under new management. Was closed for a week or so and reopened last week. This is the third owner since it became a bar/restaurant. Still don't see many people going in there.
  • Sign up on the place that the store is for rent although the business is still open. I drive past about 5 pm and never see anyone in there. It's a pity because the place looks decent although I have no idea how the food is.
  • He may be too expensive for the area.

    I suspect not enough people with means see Utica as a place they would like go to eat as a couple, or to potentially meet a suitable mate/date.

  • For sure plus from what I can see, there's no booths in the place only bar stools at high top tables. Not really conducive to sitting and relaxing.
  • The new entity apparently has to get a new liquor lic, which may be part of why you are not seeing crowds.

  • I pass by every day and since the store opened there's never any crowds and from what I can see when the folding doors are open, there's liquor. Also, they're advertising all day happy hour so I figure the license is not a problem. Maybe the ownership was never transferred. In any event, the store is still for rent.
  • The applicant is presently requesting a new lic.

    The place would have 2 levels, so it would need a lic for each level. The applicant was encouraged to research same, because he is only seeking 1 lic.
  • Surprising since what's above the store is apartments and I doubt the basement would be usable. I'll bet there's new management that will take over if approved. Right now, the place is still mostly devoid of customers.

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