New Bar/Restaurant Coming to PLG?
  • I know residents of Prospect Lefferts are getting curious about what looks like it's becoming a bar on Flatbush and Midwood. It's got a cool look.  Although it's hard to tell whats under construction and whats part of an intentionally shabby design aesthetic.  
    Word on the street is that this will be an "oyster bar".  Does anyone have any insight here?

    It's located on Flatbush and Midwood.  

  • Lobster Rolls and Whiskey Coming to Flatbush Avenue Gastropub

    "We’re going to have a lobster roll on a pretzel bun, and some short rib sliders," Narvilas said. "We’re going to have 24 draft lines and high-end whiskeys and scotches with a focus on local New York breweries and distilleries."
  • Awesome Jeffrey, thanks for the info!
  • So so SOOOOO ready for this.
  • another quick write up about it from The Q at Parkside blog:

  • Their Centi Anni restaurant on Franklin is fantastic, as a date spot or mingling or having a bite alone.  Any neighborhood would be lucky to get a joint like this. I think they're going to be so successful on this underserved corner. 
  • 24 draft lines.

    ...that's a lot. The owners obviously think they have a local customer base to support that much investment.

  • One of the partners is also a partner at Tugboat Tea Co., across the street, so he should know his local customer base.
  • It's really quite close to the shuttle.  That makes it pretty accessible to Crown Heights/Bed Stuy.  People just need to know to make that little detour.  I'll definitely be checking it out :)
  • I live in The Dearborn co-op which is located at 345 Montgomery between Nostrand and Rogers.  Our closest subway stops are the 2/5 at President or Sterling.  I bring that all up to say practically all of us owners venture on foot to the Franklin Avenue spots REGULARLY (Cenatnni, Barboncino, Mayfield, Gladys, etc. etc.).  This spot in PLG will be a bit closer to us just in a different direction.  If done right (which I think it will be) many, many people in my building will be adding this to their repertoire.  
  • Also remember - Lincoln Park Tavern - the spot where everyone in this neighborhood goes to drink and eat is closing.  It was already announced a while back and the for rent sign has been up.  So that crowd right there can just make a jump over.   
  • Nice to see a new bar in the PLG area. I used to go to LPT a couple times/month when I moved to the area around 4 years ago but the last few times I've gone (it's been a while) it was awful. Bad bartenders, overpriced drinks and seedy people. Glad to see it go. Hopefully a new owner can open a decent bar in that space.

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