Not to perpetuate a rumor but....Trader Joe's on Washington Ave?? — Brooklynian

Not to perpetuate a rumor but....Trader Joe's on Washington Ave??


  • The article also states that the Key Foods across the street could become a Duane Reade.

    A Trader Joe's and a Duane Reade? I would just about DIE of happiness.

    Please don't play with my heart!
    Would the current Capital One building be big enough to house a Trader Joe's? That makes me pause.
  • This just made my day.
  • Wow this would be great! I just checked out some sqft requirements for Trader Joe's.

    On Wiki - they list that the stores are typically 8,000-12,000 sqft, whereas the capitol one bank building is listed as 6,600sqft on property shark. Obviously if they add another floor it would be in line with their typical stores.

    Hoping for the best!!
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    Hmm, hypothetically it could work. However I heard rumors of a Trader Joes going into Astoria or LIC a while go. Obviously nothing came of it. So treat this like any rumor with due caution. Plus this "Heard it from a friend who (lives in Turner Towers, and)...heard it from a friend who (works in a another place of business on the block and)...heard it from the guys who own the Key Food across the street" nonsense is a lot like my friend's cousin who works at X told me Y. I believe they would put a wine store in the downtown or near the downtown location first before opening another store so close. 
  • I had been wondering about what the capital one would become:

    If true, it would bring traffic madness to Washington.
  • @whynot_31 Other than their location on Court Street Trader Joes doesn't really seem to have traffic trouble. Of course no one really drives to the locations on Manhattan. 
  • I'm thinking car services.
  • @whynot_31 Yeah but here is the odd thing at least 80% of the people at the 14th street one take the subway take the subway 5% take the bus and about 5% take taxis. Ditto for 72nd street. At Court Street I'd say 50% subway, 15%  bus, 15% car, 10% car service and 10% bike. I really haven't spent any time at any other ones. 
  • Wow.....I posted a couple of months ago about wanting Trader Joe's and Duane Reade to come to the Bedford Ave armory. But, whoa...Washington Ave would be even more AMAZING!!!! Gosh, I guess its worth making wishes sometimes!!! Hmmmm....Maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket today too, just in case it turns out that I actually have some sort of psychic abilities. :-)) Hey, a girl can dream...
  • Lighting some candles and praying...
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    I know the folks at Key Food. They own their building, and have turned down several offers in the past from developers.

    This part of the rumor is easy to confirm/eliminate, because (unlike the bank) their senior staff is on site.
  • @whynot_31 - sounds like you need to make a trip down there and ask!!! We're dying to know!
  • I had been wondering about what the capital one would become:

    If true, it would bring traffic madness to Washington.
    Too bad for anyone who drives. Of course I'd walk there-and I could! :) 

    I was hoping TJ's would come to the corner of Bedford Ave and Eastern Parkway, but this would work too!
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    I would walk as well.

    I'll try to stop by Key Food and ask sometime this week.

    ...I haven't had a car since 2003.

    And, readers can verify these rumors just as well as me. Freeloaders! :)
  • Maybe where there's smoke, there's fire.

    Oh, how wonderful it would be not to have to deal with the claustrophobic 14th Street location or not having to schlep to the Court Street location ever again!
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    I suspect we will find out for sure in a few weeks. In the thread I link above, the bank manager stated to me that the Capital One branch would be closed and sold once the new location at 341 Eastern Parkway is opened.

    Given its state of disrepair, it will take whatever moves in there a while to open.

  • Hopefully it won't take as long as it did for Whole Foods to open at 3rd and 3rd.
  • This made my day.
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    I spoke with owner of the Key Food. He states it is not becoming a drug store.

    ....anyone have a contact in "off market" commercial real estate sales? They might be able to let us know if anything has happened re: the Capital One building.
  • I love this site. Not only do the rumors on Broolynian spark the funniest dialogues, when they do come true (like when Compare Foods came, etc) it increases my popularity with all of my neighbors who think I'm connected to the mob for always having such great insider info.
  • I cannot help but think that if the owner of KF is selling to a large company like Walgreens that there would be a clause prohibiting him from talking to the public about the sale. Whereas an employee, who is going to lose his or her job, has nothing to lose. I tend to believe the employee more than the owner.
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    The KF is owned by a family, many of whom are often on site and seem to occupy all positions that hold any significant responsibility (ie not the stock or cashier positions).

    I can't imagine a lowly cashier or stock person learning that the building was then being sold, and then not informing the businesses that occupy the same building: The Islands, the bulletproof chinese place, and the Ludwigs 1950's-vintage Drug store.

  • I might cry at my desk.

  • If and when I obtain reliable information on what the bank is to become, it will be posted here:
  • Blowing my candles out.
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    If and when I obtain reliable information on what the bank is to become, it will be posted here:
    Ugh. It almost doesn't matter anymore. 

    Is it TJ's MO only to move into an existing structure? 

    It might fit in on Empire Boulevard.
  • I choose to keep my hopes high still. No DR doesn't necessarily mean no TJs, right?
  • Yeah not at all surprised. 
  • I have decided to believe that if TJs is not coming to Washington, then it MUST be because it will be moving into the Bedford-Union Armory. Which is closer to where I live, which makes me even happier. Am I delusional? Maybe. But it gives me comfort.
  • I don't follow.  TJ's is moving into the Bedford Armory?
  • I think a great use for the Bedford-Union armory would be to house a Trader Joe's. Because I think it is such a great idea, I am really hoping that it will come to be. There is no information from the Bedford-Union Armory, though, so that gives me freedom to dream and not give up hope for a TJ's in the Prospect Heights/Crown Heights area. :)
  • Crownheightster I am really hoping for a YMCA or any other kind of gym in the armory. There really isn't any, other than small boutique type places to exercise in the area. Now if they could fit both (TJ's and YMCA) in the Armory. I will cry from joy.
  • I'd be thrilled with a YMCA as well!
  • This thread is so going to be picked up by a comedian and turned into a webisode.
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    It has a definite Seinfeld quality, in that people are letting their desires influence what they think is going to happen, while ignoring contrary information.

    I can only imagine the accusations that would be hurled at a politician who stated how he made the armory a Trader Joes because it provides a social good.

    Armory thread:
  • Not to perpetrate a rumour but....did you know that the armory will be housing a YMCA (with a pool), a Trader Joe, and a Duane Reade?
  • Be still my heart! Lolz
  • Don't forget free bike repair, and growler refills.

  • And a coffee shop. Never forget the coffee shop.
  • Will that TJ's sell wine like Two Buck Chuck? :)
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    It will also have free daycare, like IKEA.

    This way, mothers can drop their kids off at the daycare, and then take literally hours to decide which cheeses they would like to buy, to maximize the time they are free from their children.

    I have also heard that it will be giving away coupons for affordable housing. These coupons allow anyone who would like to pay less for housing to do so, without having to enter pesky lotteries. And, the housing that you receive will be exactly the same as the housing provided to people who pay thousands more and have had far more fortunate lives.

    It will be awesome.
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