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Links to the big 16 developments in western Crown Heights — Brooklynian

Links to the big 16 developments in western Crown Heights

Despite the title to this thread, I am presently watching approximately 16 developments, not exactly 16. Regardless, here they are, complete with some introductory commentary that I periodically update. To get the latest commentary and news on each development, follow the link for each.

I'll be posting this index thread around the web over the next few months.... 

1. The former movie theater at Bedford and Lincoln has been torn down and construction on a large apartment building is now occurring. 114 new units.

2. The Court Officers Academy, located in the St. Theresa Complex on Classon, will open and house students in the Fall of 2015: 

3. Construction on a large residential building on St. Marks (between Classon and Franklin) should be finished by Summer 2015. 147 units.

4. The northern, non-brick, part of the enormous, decrepit complex of buildings at Franklin, Bergen and Dean has been listed for sale and sold. 120 units. Demolition has begun, renderings of the future are posted here:

The southern portion of this site is discussed as item 17. 

5. A church and community hall located on Rogers at Crown St. has been torn down and construction has begun on 165 apartments. 

6. The big Parking garage on St. John's near the shuttle tracks has been demolished and will become a really big apartment building. Rendering after the jump. 162 units on the way. 

7. Formerly the home to Hot dog and Pepsi combos for $1.99, and Gulf gasoline, the corner of EP and Bedford might be in the process of becoming a Marriott hotel, but the developer is believed to be waiting to learn what the armory will become. 

8. The former site of Sea Crest Laundry, 46 Crown St at Franklin Avenue will be torn down and feature 209 rental apartments. 

9. The Armory at Union and Bedford will be repurposed. Its parking complex might become mixed income housing, or a hotel. Time will tell. 

11. The former parking garage for Sea Crest Laundry on Carroll near the Shuttle tracks will become a mid rise with 69 units that provides nice views of the Botanical Garden and Prospect Park: 

12. The Spice Factory on Franklin near Empire was rumored to have changed hands. That rumor has been denied, but it seems to be just a matter of time.

13. The massive car wash and gas station at the NE corner of EP and Bedford is being demolished and will become 133 apartments

14. The Associated Supermarket at Nostrand and Sullivan occupies a really big lot, which has recently changed hands. To my surprise, the new owner has told Associated they can stay 5 more years.

15. The very visible building at the SW corner of Nostrand and EP will be torn down and be replaced with 18 apartments

16. 781 Washington (the NE corner of St. Johns) will no longer accept Section 8 tenants.

17. The former brewery discussed in item #4 above, has been split in two. The Southern, brick, portion of it is going to be renovated into 38 residences

18. A twelve story, 170 unit building will replace a garage previously own by Brooklyn Botanical Garden on Montgomery St, between Washington and Franklin:

Completed threads that were members of the "big 16"
A. The long vacant, large lot located on Sterling, between Washington and Classon was built on, and became 38 market rate units: [thread now closed, building now complete and fully occupied]

B. The 1000 Dean St project (located between Classon and Franklin) provides a permanent home to the Brooklyn Flea, and has an associated food court and beer hall: [threads now closed, both venues are fully complete and occupied]

C. The building at the highly visible corner of Franklin and Eastern Parkway has been completed, 70 market rate units:  [thread closed, building now fully occupied]