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The "Nostrand Ave takes flight Spring 2015" thread

Nostrand gets its very own index thread! Over the next 6 months, I'll update this thread with new establishments that we have "uncovered" as coming to Nostrand Avenue in Crown Heights.


Snazzy map by @Laura Palmer

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Here's a list of many of the businesses that are on track to open by Spring 2015, or have recently opened:

1. A new bar for Bergen and Nostrand, Bar Bertrand:

2. A sit down bar/restaurant is coming to the former site of Beauty World at St. Johns, Two Saints

4. The owner of Bruekelyn is opening Brooklyn Brassierie on Nostrand and Prospect,

5. Fried fish and seafood place for Kingston, near Bergen:   Git it and Git.

6. A new bar will open up on Rogers, at Prospect Place:

7. Elsie's Donuts will open at 1031 Bergen, between Rogers and Nostrand:

8. 167 Rogers and St. John's (aka 764 St. Johns) is becoming a coffee shop:

9. 735 Nostrand was a car service, but soon will be Little Trini Cafe

10. There is now a Columbian take out place at 665 Nostrand by the Key Food:

11. A take out Mexican place appears to be coming to 752A Nostrand, near Park Place:

12. You won't be able to drink or eat here, but you can ship packages at the soon to open UPS store:

...each looks like they might be able to open before school gets out for the summer. 


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