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MTOPP v CB9 - Spring, 2015

It is supposed to start at 7:00, but the combatants are already sniping at each other over how the chairs should be arranged.

Check back tonight on this thread for updates. image


  • Amazing. I forgot that there was even a ULURP event tonight. I'm getting some potato chops and am settling in for a night of brooklynian stalking.
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    This mtg was scheduled to occur last week, and then rescheduled for today a few days before it was to occur.

    What presently fascinates me is MTOPP's continued distribution of flyers and information packets. It is as if they believe that there are people at this mtg who are "on the fence" about whether a request to DCP is a good thing, and the info will sway them to their side.

    It is baffling. The poor trees.

    7:18, the mtg begins.
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    Dr Angoti (the "land should belong to the people" professor from the Hunter School of Urban Planning) is present.

    The NYPD and a few reporters are also around.image

    Contrary to the above agenda, we are starting with item #2: CB9's response to the Mayor's proposed changes to the zoning code.

    We are starting with #2 because there are not enough members to vote.

    Have ULURP members become smart enough that they will only show up for the vote?
    Will the missing members ever arrive?
  • The crowd seems to be coming to a consensus that the real enemy is DeBlasio, because he does not give community boards control.

    This is progress (?) in that the community board would like more power as well. MTOPP and the CB agree!

    ...however, it is complete fantasy.
  • How is Alicia tonight?
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    She is presently leading a "Who's community?  Our community!" chant following the Profs speech.

    There is yelling, etc because MTOPP is afraid there will be a vote.

    However, there are not enough members for a vote as stated earlier. MTOPP declares victory because the mtg is adjourned.

  • Out of boredom and curiosity, I decided to search for this Alicia Boyd's Airbnb profile. I recall coming across someone mentioning that she was an airbnb host, ironic as it is.

    Besides the fact that her profile makes her sound like a new agey angel, she says this:

    "I love New York City and believe that Brooklyn truly is the best place to live.....All over Brooklyn there are cafes, lounges, bars and cultural institutions just popping up. And all of these places can be both culturally and spiritually uplifting to the human spirit and I love it all!.....Now that we have the New Stadium - Barclay Stadium, I can't wait to see what free goodies we will be exposed to from that Venue."

    Umm, so she's excited about the new businesses opening up and Barclay's Center-- aka GENTRIFICATION and BIG DEVELOPMENT!

    Also most of her are guests appear to be white people, aka The Devil.

    And third, while I am not anti-airbnb myself, some people would argue that it contributes to gentrifying diverse neighborhoods.

    As exciting as these meetings appear to be already, has anyone confronted her with these things?
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    She doesn't strike me as being real open to new things.

    I don't think the critique would be well received, regardless of the presenter.
  • Omg too funny,  nice work Brooklyneya!
  • Damn, sorry that I forgot about this meeting. Well, I guess I'll just have to wait for the Youtube video. 

    Seriously, though, was there no quorum? CB9 is the most dysfunctional community board I've come across. They are a laughing stock (I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt as the members were at least showing up to vote on important matters, but this changed that). 
  • I'd get discouraged too if every time we tried to vote, to just get shot down by Alicia and her gang...
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    At this point CB9 lacks a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

    There used to be several CB9 members that were strongly in favor of sending DCP a request, because they believed it would help shape the community going forward.

    However, they now realize that much of the building and demographic changes is driven by economics far more than the zoning code.

    They are beginning to understand the full implications of "as of right". They are beginning to understand that even if they request the "help" of city government, the amount of subsidized housing created will pale in comparison to the amount that will be needed to keep the community intact in terms of its current racial, economic and other demographics.

    Meanwhile, the members of MTOPP have "known this all along" but offer nothing to stop the changes.
  • The whole history of the whole world is that the land does NOT belong to the people. 
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    The whole history of the whole world is that the land does NOT belong to the people. 
    And, if you can only see the race of those moving in VS the race of those moving out, will make one conclude that any change that affects the racial make up of a community (regardless of whether it is led by government and/or market forces) is inherently "racist"., this squabble is not new.

    Nor is it going away.

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    Here's her profile for some laughs. Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.
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    Many people seem to miss what makes her flip from one character to the other. They believe it is as simple as the race of the speaker, which isn't true.

    She can work with people who are of other races/hues, AND who define the aspects of the changes she does not like (ie gentrification and rezoning) as a racial issue that must be stopped.

    Not "minimized", STOPPED.

    However, she can not tolerate the views of people (regardless of their race) who don't see it through a racial lens, and don't allow her to define what is best for her and the entire black community.

    As this thread (and many others) demonstrates, she isn't against ALL of the changes.

    Needless to say, she is convinced that a rezoning of Empire would be bad for her and the black community.

    Meanwhile, her AirBnB guests likely have no opinions on such matters. I don't find it difficult to see her being a gracious host who provides them a nice warm muffin and cup of coffee.

  • Meh, if she feels the need to be remembered in this light that's her choice. Getting racial tensions fired up isn't the best way to get publicity for your cause especially when there isn't any evidence of racism. 

    What happens in her personal life isn't any of our business, but her public persona will probably cause her more problems than she wants to deal with. At some point all the negative energy will catch up to her. If she put this much enthusiasm into lobbying for a good cause in her neighborhood could you imagine how much better her corner of brooklyn would be?
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    I don't perceive her as worrying about her public persona, or having a large impact (postive or negative) on the neighborhood.

    She reminds me of Charles Barron, who has a similar crusade in ENY:

    Throughout his entire career, he has utilized similar (if not identical) tactics, and has managed to achieve the same amount of success in rallying people to his causes while using the rhetoric of race and class based revolution.

    ...very little.

    10 people accompany him to meetings and scream. For special events, he might get 100.

  • I guess what I meant was, she should be careful who she's choosing to piss off. If you bring a legitimate argument to the table: corrupt policies, illegal permit issuance, unsafe work conditions, racist political forums etc.. then make a lot of noise. Get newspapers involved, call NY1, you have a legitimate cause and deserve to be heard.

    But if your entire game is to scream as loud as you can at everyone just to get attention because you don't like something. Don't be surprised if some developer buys the house nextdoor to yours and tears it down and spends the next 2 years making your life a living hell to develop 10 condos just to spite you.
  • She has tried to get the newspapers and media involved, and got some press at the beginning.

    However, she is a one hit wonder, and the media has moved on.

    ...very few people that their advertisers want to reach are interested in reading about her.

    She isn't worth doing something to "out of spite". Developers are going to do what they normally do, and people with significant means are going to move in, and she is going to hate it.
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    As this flyer shows, she is also getting smarter. She is aware the MTOPP brand is tarnished, membership is struggling, and -as a result- is beginning to work with other organizations to develop slightly more polished events. Town Hall events that facilitate discussion....

    Needless to say, Eric Adams, Laurie Cumbo and Jesse Hamilton are likely to decline the invitation. They don't feel they would be "honary" (sic). They feel that the "Community Base Plan" (sic) would only represent a portion of the communities views, not theirs.

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    The Flatbush Avenue trees are being used in the flyers; interesting. 
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    I'm not sure if we have any Tears for Fears fans, but their song Power Now really works for me as I watch this struggle.


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    In my opinion, both sides of this debate put far more effort into advancing their positions that the battle was worth.

    I hope MTOPP now goes after the real enemy, Adam Smith
  • In my opinion, both sides of this debate put far more effort into advancing their positions that the battle was worth.

    I hope MTOPP now goes after the real enemy, Adam Smith
    By embracing Henry George?
  • Embracing Henry would be awesome.

    ...but I think they may also need to repeal that pesky law that determines price is set by the intersection of supply and demand.

    Then, they would make real progress.
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    And tonight, the ULURP Committee managed to pass a resolution that requests that the larger board submit a resolution to DCP.     

    Unlike past attempts, I hear it was done while following Roberts Rules.    

    As in past attempts, the NYPD removed Alicia.

    The Q at Parkside has video of the shitshow:

    Next week, the CB9 Board will vote on whether to send it to DCP.

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    This meeting was the wildest I've seen. I arrived on the scene around 6:45 and Alicia was in the middle of the room ranting and acting the fool about the Board and development in general/in the neighborhood. There was some back and forth between Alicia, Quest Fanning, Rabbi Goldstein, and another guy (it was basically them all against Alicia); when anyone spoke out against Alicia, they were shouted down/insulted by the protest group. 

    The Board started showing up around 7pm, at which time an NYPD officer came over and asked the protesters (who had taken up every seat at the tables) to move to one side of the room to give the board space to conduct its meeting. To this, Alicia shouted "NO" and started banging the tables, behaving as she typically does. This went on for some time before the NYPD finally had enough and came to take her away.

    That's when all hell broke loose (The Q's video shows some of it, but it was much worse!). While sliding across the floor to get away from the cops, tables were being flipped over (one almost landed on Alicia's head) and there was literally a tug of war going on over Alicia's body between the NYPD and some of Alicia's supporters (I expect charges to be brought against some of those community members if they are ever properly identified as what they did was dangerous/definitely not OK). Then you had protesters running up and cursing out/getting in the face of the Board members and just acting the fool. It was really a sad spectacle. 

    I'd post the brief, but telling video I took on here if it was allowed/I knew how. 

    Can't wait to see what next week will bring. 
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    To post a video here, first you must upload it to youtube, and then insert the link here.

    Yes, I think next week Alicia might get some help from the various versions of Charles Barron that NYC has in residence.

    I am interested in seeing how the NYPD handles it. 
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    Here it is.

    Watch the crazed woman at around 1:44 try to get physical with Bed Edwards (at least that's how it appears). She's the same one engaged in the tug or war battle over Alicia's body with the NYPD earlier in video.

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    That was noisy.

    I have heard at some point during this week or next, the civil court judge may make a ruling re: MTOPPs lawsuit against CB9.

    It has been such a shitshow of bad behavior and incompetence that I don't know how I would rule.

    If CB9 can get this resolution to DCP, MTOPP will eventually go away, and CB9 can hopefully gain the skill set needed to run a typical mtg. in which some local businessman thinks the entire meeting should be focused on getting his Sanitation fine dismissed, or something.
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    BTW, a reliable source informs me that Alicia is still in custody and won't be seen until night court. She spent the night in jail.

    This is in contrast to prior arrests wherein she was just given a violation or desk appearance ticket.

    One person opines:
    They can definitely make the case for resisting arrest, just based on the video. I was informed that she also kicked the cops arresting her - that might make out a felony (what would ordinarily be a misdemeanor assault becomes a felony if the victim is a cop). I also heard she assaulted Pearl Miles. That could get her a misdemeanor assault charge and an Order of Protection preventing her from being in the same room as Pearl Miles (which would bar her from future CB9 meetings).
  • Oh, damn. Well, I'm not surprised. The NYPD has to send a message that this won't be tolerated; they can't doing the same thing over and over. And, as I mentioned before, yesterday's antics (both by Alicia and by her supporters in getting physical/abusive with Board members and playing AB body tug of war with the NYPD would make me believe that the police will not be as "laid back" as they have been. What occurred yesterday could have been very different, and in a bad way. 
  • I doubt that Pearl Miles (or another board member) would be able to get a Order of Protection without a successful charge of misdemeanor harassment.

    I kind of hope that Pearl is not the one who has to carry the load. If I get a wish, it is that the NYPD gets a resisting arrest charge to stick and gives her a court date in the distant future.

    Until that court date, they basically have the ability to arrest her for more serious charges.

    ...having a pre-existing open case is rarely good for a defendent.
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    I agree, though she'd likely be charged with resisting without violence, which I don't think presents the same problems as resisting with violence. 

    I think that Pearl or another Board member going that route would only be asking for even more trouble. As last night showed, there are a few individuals who are willing to get in other's faces/get physical (and while I didn't catch this on film, there were some items--soft items, but that's not the point--thrown at Board members). Pearl, or any other Board member, going after their leader may be taken as a personal affront for which there is a "need" to retaliate. The funny thing is that Alicia Boyd, who, despite her behavior, is a highly intelligent woman, doesn't seem to engage in violence herself. No, her "followers," many of whom seem to be mentally unstable, do that dirty work.

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    Yes, much of her appearance is an act, but her followers don't seem bright enough to realize same.

    I discuss that a little above, re: the last mtg.

    Her followers believe they are on a righteous crusade against hegemony and racially based oppression.

    If I thought that was true, I would be a follower too.
  • Word has it:
    The DA's office is charging Resisting Arrest, Obstructing Governmental Administration and three counts of disorderly conduct. They will not be asking for an Order of Protection.

    Which means she could be back at the next CB9 meeting.
  • "If I thought that was true, I would be a follower too"

    I doubt that Mike; A.B.'s followers are pretty much a bunch of wingnuts and moonbats who've been taken in by an agent provocateur.
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    Aren't such qualities needed to think that hegemony and racially based oppression are true in this case?

    BTW, CB9 votes on the ULURP Committee's recommendation on Tuesday, May 26 at 7 p.m.
    260 Eastern Parkway, in the school building.

  • Yeah, but they're often led by a slightly more functional wingnut rather than a cynical provocateur with a totally different objective.
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    She has some of these down, but needs help with others:

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    Rachel's piece, which includes my video:

    I received a request (DNAInfo never contacted me, which I'm OK with in this instance as Rachel didn't try to take credit herself/for DNAInfo) to use the video from a member of the media, which I granted, provided that they acknowledge that a member of the community gets credited (we were just talking about getting the site even more exposure, and I'm glad to help in any way, especially since I rely on this site for a lot of my news about Brooklyn). I also just put up such a message on the video itself (I don't want to use my actual name as it takes away from the anonymity . . . plus, I don't want to be hounded by MTOPP, etc., when I'm at meetings filming). @mod and @whynot_31, if this is not OK, I'll email the reporter with new instructions and will change the language I put on the video page. 
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    Sounds good to me.    Let's see if the media grants our requests.

    Note, I believe that once you post something on Brooklynian, youtube etc, it becomes public domain.   So, they are under no obligation to cite the source.   

    I try to cite my sources whenever possible, because I believe it is the polite thing to do and it tends to make me more credible. 

    I try not to get annoyed when media uses my content without citing my avatar or Brooklynian, because life is short.
  • Ok, cool. Yeah, that's what I figured, too. Still, like you wrote, it would be nice. 
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    We are digressing a little from the topic at hand, but I will state one of my favorite articles was published by the NYT in 2009.   

    In it, they talked about these new things called "blogs" (which needless to say had already been around for several years) and include a quote from whynot_31.

    ....reading it brought to mind when Columbus "discovered" America, and still has a similar effect.

    Let's now return to our theme:

    The Tuesday May 26, CB9 Meeting could be really messy.   Given everything that has gone on, I'm not sure it would be appropriate to clap if the motion is passed by the larger board.  

  • Posting anything online definitely does not make it public domain. However, for full copyright protection, it is best to include a copyright notice when posting, either in your real name or in a commonly used pseudonym (your screen name might be sufficient).
  • It's not public domain. Our Terms of Service specifically states you can not redistribute.

    [Edited for brevity]

    The Website Content is protected by state, national and international copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws, and is the property of Service Provider or its licensors. The copying, reproduction, publication... other use or change by you of any such Website Content is strictly prohibited.

    You may not in any way make commercial or other unauthorized use, by publication, re-transmission, distribution of material obtained through the Website, including without limitation the Assets or Website Content, except as permitted by the Copyright Act or other law or as expressly permitted in writing by this TOS, Service Provider or the Website.

    So basically: ask before sharing and give credit where it's due.

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    I think the question comes down to how much (or how little...) work one can do before someone can/should publish something without listing their sources.

    For example, look at this thread:

    and then the article that DNA publishes:

    They appear to just zoom in on the carriage photo, and -despite being asked to credit Broooklynian on the thread- do not do so in the article.

    I'm all for local reporters using this board as a resource and helping reporters make deadlines, but it seems that DNA is getting lots of stories from us, doing some additional work, and then not citing us as a source as much as I would.

    [Update: The member who posted the photo was contacted by but requested to remain anonymous. The member did not explicitly request that Brooklynian be mentioned. However, it is good practice to cite one's source (in this case Brooklynian) whenever it is a significant basis for one's product.]
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    Yeah, but they're often led by a slightly more functional wingnut rather than a cynical provocateur with a totally different objective.
    @bobmarvin -
    It seems she has decided the police are now among her (their?) opponents. She sent out this email today:

    Good Morning Neighbors

    The fight for our homes and community is escalating!

    We are going to the Police Council meeting TONIGHT
    May 21, 2015 at 7:30
    at MS 61 Empire Blvd and New York Ave
    across the street from the 71st precinct.
    to Demand a stop to this continued violation of
    the law by the police and it behavior toward the people.

    On Tuesday, Again The Police violated my rights
    by arresting me, with just a witness complaint.
    The alleged offense is snatching a paper out of Pearl Miles hands!!!

    There are certain arrests that cannot be made unless
    the police themselves witness the act
    and then my rights have to be read.

    The officers never came up to me to discuss
    what was the charges, why they were arresting me
    and then never, ever read me my rights!
    Either in the car or at the precinct!

    From this video it is clear that the people
    did not want this vote nor that a legal vote was taken.

    First a motion is considered dead if a vote can not be taken
    unless what is known as a secondary motion is voted upon.
    For example the phase "I move to table this motion...."

    On March 16, 2015 This did not happen!
    A vote was attempted and couldn't be done
    and Bed Edwards adjourned the meeting.
    Thus the motion is dead!

    Two at this meeting on Tuesday, May 19, 2015
    The meeting did not commence or even begin.
    No quorum was created - According to them they had
    a vote of 10 yes, 1 no and 1 abstention.
    There are 24 people on this committee (despite several being illegal)
    The laws states you have to have "over 50%"
    to make quorum! Thus they need at least 13 people present to make quorum
    So even according to their records there was none.

    However this meeting never began,
    a motion was never presented on the floor for a vote
    Quorum was never reached
    names were never called etc..

    If the community interrupts a meeting so that business can not
    be done then business can not be done!!!
    That is wishes of the community!
    The voice and decision of the community!
    That is democracy in action!!!

    Community Board 9 refuses to understand the word
    "Community" We are the community, not spectators at a sport!
    We have a right to participate in the decisions that are planning
    to be done to our community!

    We will not sit by and allow any person or entity to make
    those decisions for us,
    if they are not representing our voices
    our wishes and our thoughts!

    And yet you will see these board members attempting to
    vote within themselves as if the community's wishes
    and the law don't exist!

    This board believes they can break every law
    and then try to pass something illegal without any repercussions.

    But you know who is at fault Eric Adams'
    and everyone of our Elected Officials
    For months we have been protesting the continued abuse
    and violation of the law exhibited by CB9
    and for months our Elected officials have hid and not even
    come out!!!

    But that time is over!
    We will be going to these "representatives" and demanding
    that they intervene for the people!

    We will me demonstrating on June 10 from 11-1 pm
    in Front of Eric Adams office. so please come out!

    We will be demonstrating at the next CB9 meeting
    On Tuesday, May 26, at The School of the Deaf
    because Laurie Cumbo is suppose to be presenting to the community
    However, She refused to even face the community
    but is sending her "representative" to speak with us.

    This is unacceptable!
    The people did not vote in her representative!
    How dare she put herself on the community Board agenda
    and then refuse to appear herself!

    You can see right there in the film.
    One of the white board members grinning and smiling
    who has been pushing to up zone our community.
    This man has called people names at meeting
    and even has an harassment complaint filed against him
    because of his behavior and yet he has been empowered
    to make decisions for us.

    This Board needs to go!
    And an investigation needs to happen!

    Please come out Tonight and Spread the Word!

    (718) 703-3086

    --end quote--
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    @booklaw @mod @pheightsresident -
    I was able to get a response back from Rachel's supervisor. Here is it is:

    I believe all is well, and hope that we have resolved the issue going forward.
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    Thanks, @whynot_31, @mod, @booklaw!

    And, man, what an email from AB. I may attend the precinct council meeting, but am not sure. Will definitely be at the full CB meeting, though. If she's right about quorum (as she was in the past), then that's another mark against CB9.

    As to the bad arrest allegations: if she wasn't mirandized, which I find hard to believe, even given the chaos of the situation, that's not good. Aside from that, even if she is correct about the obstruction charge (I just don't know), assuming this is the charge linked to the alleged Pearl Miles paper incident, the police had ample cause to make an arrest on the disorderly charges alone. And she certainly didn't help with the resisting.
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    It should be interesting to see if she believes that the NYPD is also subject to community input.

    IE By filling a meeting with your supporters, does one get to decree that the majority of the participants do not object to a given behavior and it is therefore legal?

    (Spoiler Alert: No)

    Re: CB9
    I suspect that the judge deciding the case will order that CB9 will follow certain protocols. It is my understanding that community members can be on the subcommittees, but that Eric Adams and local politicians get to appoint the actual voting members.

    So, the subcommittees can be legally muted (mooted?) if the politicians perceive that a portion of the community (ie MTOPP) will try to go against their interests.

  • community members can be on the subcommittees, but that Eric Adams and local politicians get to appoint the actual voting members.

    So, the subcommittees can be legally muted (mooted?) if the politicians perceive that a portion of the community (ie MTOPP) will try to go against their interests.

    Voting membership on a CB subcommittee can include both appointed CB members and community members. Each board can set its own rules for how to determine whether a 'community member' is a voting member of a committee. The only rule in the NYC Charter is that the chair of any committee must be an appointed CB member.

    As to whether AB is right about the quorum (12 out of 24), depends on whether CB9 has a different rule for quorums at the subcommittee level. If it's a majority, like it is at the board level, then she's got a point, and CB9 has stepped in it again...
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    Thanks @wax

    Such rules seem intricate to the degree that the judge may give the board members some leeway in implementing them, especially in light of how many of them are new this year:

    If the new board members asked for help understanding the rules, and did not receive such from the BPs office, they were almost set up to become incompetent.

    While such incompetence should be easy for the judge to find, the situation is not going to get any better until/unless they get an array of competent people who are willing to be yelled at, while earning no money for doing so.

    I don't see a line of applicants.
  • Just noticing that the video that accompanies AB's email actually appears to show her taking a sheet of paper from in front of Pearl Miles, in the clear view of many, possibly even in the view of the NYPD.
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    Are you aware of the adages:

    "It is sometimes best to give your opponent the microphone"


    "Make sure what you are about to state does not further your opponent's cause"


    ....seems to me she gives the ADA a stronger case re: the "Obstructing Governmental Administration" charge.

    But we should remember, that in her mind, all of her actions are justified; She is on a mission from god to expose and tear down the forces of evil.
  • That's the thing. She intentionally linked to this video knowing what it showed (or that's what I assume). This reaffirms my belief that she's out there to make herself a martyr. Now, if she actually posted the video herself from one of her cameras, my view is strengthened. What a mess.
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    She has a lot of beliefs re: rights that appear to be "aspirational" in nature.

    For example, an attorney that practices criminal law informed me:

    "Your Miranda rights are meant to let you know about your right to remain silent. The police only have to read you your rights if you are in custody, and being questioned by them. If the police fail to read you your rights, the only possible consequence is that if you made a confession or admission, your lawyer can move to suppress the statement. If you didn't make a statement, then "no harm no foul"."

    This matches my previous understanding that Miranda affects confessions, but if the NYPD has enough evidence to charge you, they often don't bother to question you OR read you your rights.

    ...because they believe they can ALREADY make their case without a confession or incriminating statements.

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    Minutes of the meeting are now available thanks to:

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    Q at Parkside states:

    "UPDATE: Yes, a quorum was reached. Since Mike Cetera was not reappointed, and four other ULURP members resigned (Diana Richardson, Dwayne Nicholson and Rosemarie Perry, Laura Imperiale) that leaves just 19 members. 12 were present."

    So, it is looking like the request has made it out of the ULURP Committee, and CB9 (or rather, what remains of CB9) can legally vote on sending the request on Tuesday, May 26th.
  • Thanks @whynot_31 and Q at Parkside!

    I wonder how yesterday's precinct council meeting went. My guess is that they were much better behaved there.
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    I hear it went without incident. See your PM for details.
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    Those attending tonight's CB9 meeting may want to wear a protective suit.

    I am considering the following:

    It seems like it may adequately constructed:

  • Getting mentally prepped and clearing enough space on my recorder now! 
  • I picked these up from my pharmacist during lunch to help me through it - I do have extras for others in need.... 

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    Maybe bake the Xanax into muffins that you give to MTOPP members?

    Pro-tip: They won't trust you if you are not wearing a green MTOPP shirt.

    (Note, doing so would violate several laws. Readers are responsible for their actions, not me.)
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    Coverage of the May 26 meeting starts here

    6:50. The meeting is to happen in the basement cafeteria. Prior meetings have occurred in the first floor auditorium.

    We are seated at round tables, that hold about 8 a piece.
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    7:45, the mtg has yet to begin. About 200 people here.
  • I don't see any green shirts.
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    Green shirts have fallen out of fashion. One rarely sees more than 10 of them in a group.

    There are about 5 here tonight.

    Meanwhile, there are about 10 police inside and another 10 loitering at the entrance.

    5 reporters.
    5 politicians.
    10 urban planner/graduate student types.
    15 random activist types
    30 curious onlookers

    75 people over 50 who likely rent and are scared of being priced out due to luxury contagion. 30 community board members.

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    8:00 the mtg begins, Demetrius Lawrence apologizes for the delay, and warns attendees the police will escort out unruly and disruptive people.
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    8 - 8:20 the prior chair is recognized by several politicians for his service as Army Chaplin. He retired as a Col.

    8:20 a business seeking a sidewalk cafe answers questions from the audience. Some members of the audience strive to show the board is incompetent and did not do basic research re: the request, but the board shows they did.

    Alicia believes any such request must come a committee. MTOPP members attempt to assault the application on various basis.

    The board moves on to the next topic. No vote?
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    8:20 - 8:40
    Crown Heights Tenants Union presents re: the present struggle to renew rent stabilization rules, and strengthen them.

    Alicia wants the politicians present to address the concern raised by the CHTU. They decline.

    ....she throws hissy fit.
  • Her supporters begin to chant "we have the right to speak". 10 - 20 keep chanting, the speaker keeps speaking.
  • The majority of the crowd stretches, talks to each other, takes photos.

    ...waits to see what (if anything) the NYPD will do.

    I spend quality time with Isaac, the 11 year old son of Diana Richardson.
  • Wait a minute!!

    But we're missing some crucial information here. What's the cafeteria serving? Is it Salisbury steak night?
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    The cafeteria is closed image
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    In response to the NYPD telling the crowd to quiet down and take their turns speaking, the crowd chanting grows from 20 to 80.

    The chant became "hands up, don't shoot"


    This is the most unified the crowd has been all night.

    People are now taking turns speaking at the mic, stating how the process leading to now has been sloppy, illegal, yada yada yada.
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    Role is called. Seemingly every local politician has a representative present, or is present.

    CB9's Quorum is clearly met.
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    The motion to send the request to DCP passes. (I believe the vote was 26 yes, 6 no)

    They are now voting on the cafe having outdoor seating. It will pass as well.
  • Where would said cafe be located?
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    It already exists somewhere in CB9.   They want to expand their space.     [Update:  Erv's on Beekman]

    It was quite amusing to see the various factions exaggerate the impact of the study.    Now everyone has someone to blame:

    -Those in support of the study/rezoning are blaming MTOPP for the development that is presently occurring, because they believe that if the prior request had been able to stand, the city would have put a stop to "out of context" development that occurred over the last 14 months.     [I disagree, because I do not perceive the city as powerful enough to pass a zoning which would significantly reduce property rights to the degree they want]

    -Those opposed to the study will blame for all of the development that comes after today (including permits already in the works) on those who voted for the the study    They perceive the system as a sham democracy.     Because they don't have much power or numbers, they want a system that is not merely democratic, but is actually based on consensus.  

    I wonder how long it will take DCP to do/finish its study and issue its results.

  • Thanks for the rundown. I was also in attendance (videos coming as soon as they upload to Youtube!) and was upset at the hour delay to the start of the meeting (they clearly had quorum well before then). 

    As @whynot_31 (I'd have introduced myself but am not sure what you look like!) writes, AB was AB. When the NYPD moved in to arrest her, her supporters got in the way, she ran to her seat and they all started shouting "hands up, don't shoot." Given the atmosphere in the room and nationally, I wasn't surprised that they backed off.

    I took a break to go to Popeyes and rode my bike back over to record the vote.
  • Cafeteria is closed image
    That's your problem right there. Seems to me there's a lot of hangry people at these CB9 meetings.
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    "Hands up, don't shoot"

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    BTW, I hear one of the MTOPP members was arrested before the meeting started, because they assaulted some board member.

    Also, I hear there was excitement at the end, when some people didn't want to leave the school and/or wanted to deliver some anti-capitalist manifesto after the meeting adjourned.
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    With the permission of Diana Richardson, I post a picture of the smartest person at the meeting:   Her son Isaac who decided to go to sleep on her.

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    I believe both accounts; I probably just missed the latter incident, though. 

    Here's the Board vote on the ULURP motion and some of what leads up to the vote:

    I have to say that I like Diana Richardson more each time I see her and her son. You can tell that she's a good person and mother who cares about her community. I may not see eye to eye on politics with her, but she seems like a good person who is actually accessible. 
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    In light of the vote, (26 for, 6 opposed, 3 abstentions) MTOPP clearly had the right strategy over the last year:   They knew that when it came to a vote, the majority would vote to send it to DCP.

    They would have made great obstructionist Republicans under Obama.

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    They did. I noticed how the table pounding died down after a bit as MTOPP realized they had lost. It was a good battle, though, even if I disagreed with the tactics. If CB9 returns to normal, I'll probably stay away now and will start attending my home board, CB8.
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    The irony is that if CB9 had been run by a chair who knew Roberts Rules, they would not have let MTOPP rescind the prior request.   

    I suspect Eric Adams will never make such a mistake again.   He will send his appointees off to Robert's Intensives, or something.

    I find the only interesting part of CB8 is the SLA committee, it at least has new people:  The proprietors.

    My sense is that the general board meeting is composed of people who have attended for decades.   They are too civil to each other for my tastes;   They already have an understanding of what "as of right" and "advisory" means.   

  • They're the Tea Party - fighting for things that are not in their own best interests.
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    I'd play along, but, truth be told, MTOPP members are likely partisan Democrats who have more in common with Al Sharptonian protest tactics than anything that came out of the Tea Party. No need to look to the GOP/Tea Party for comparisons when MTOPP seems to be getting its tactics directly from its leftist allies :)
  • Many partisans believe that their side of the political spectrum does not engage in such tactics.

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