Y'all wanna come to my show? — Brooklynian

Y'all wanna come to my show?

Subject: Y'all wanna come to my show?

This is the monthly show I run; thought some of you DHers might be interested. And if any of you have blogs and might want to perform sometime, let me know!


The WYSIWYG Talent Show, the first-ever all-blogger series of readings and performances, feels your pain, New York. We’ve had the roommate who tried to pay his share of the rent with a K-Mart gift certificate. We’ve had the roommate who wandered around the apartment in what looked like brown panties – but weren’t. We’ve had the roommate who left porn in the VCR and suspicious-looking stains on the couch. We’ve had roommates just as bad as yours have been, and we’ve lived to tell the tales this September 27.

Tuesday, September 27, at 7:30 p.m. at
Performance Space 122
150 1st Ave. at East 9th St.
Tickets: $7

WYSIWYG performers for September:

* Frank Beekman of The Accidental New Yorker
* Rachel Sklar of FishbowlNY
* Carolyn Castiglia, Undiscovered Superstar
* David Hauslaib of Jossip
* Dashiell of The Precog Blog
* Jon Collins of Fabulous Jackass
... and, me! Of this blog!
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