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Rollerblading/Inline Skating- Any tips on skates?

Hey Everyone,

Do any of you have experience with roller blading/inline skating? It looks like a lot of fun, so I was hoping to purchase some skates and add skating to my workouts for the summer.

Can anyone give me advice on what some good skate brands are, or other things I might need to know before I start?



  • Inline skating is a great sport and an awesome way to keep in shape. Prospect Park is one of the best places to skate and I am always around skating around the park.

    If you are buying new skates, the most important thing is to get something that fits well. You want to make sure your heel and feet don't move around. K2 and Rollerblade are good brands and Paragon Sports on Union Square carry both brands. Any high end K2 or Rollerblade should be a great skate. Just make sure you try several different sizes and buy only what fits perfectly. You want a very snug fit.

    A great resource of information is and to skate with other people Empire Skate can't be beat. They arrange great meetings and group skates. Check them out at

    Happy Skating,
  • It's so fun! I got skates last year for the first time and I didn't realize how fun it would be- and it's an excellent work out.

    I went to Paragon knowing nothing and the sales people educated me on everything. Once you get the skates, definitely hit Prospect Park and the west side hwy was nice and smooth, too.
  • Thanks everyone. I'm so excited! Hopefully I can get out to Paragon this weekend and try some stuff on.

    So I want to make sure I get a snug fit around the ankle or just a nice snug fit all the way through (the shoe part also)?

    Did you guys just start skating on your own or did you get a lesson from friends/ a professional etc etc...?
  • Well, I knew how to roller and ice skate already and it's pretty similar so no one had to give me a lesson. It's pretty easy to learn.

    You want a snug fit through the ankle (but not too snug) so that you don't injure your ankle. Kinda like a ski boot. I went overboard at Paragon and got elbow and knee pads and wrist guards because I was scared. Then I got home, put it all on, and felt like an absolute idiot so I didn't use the safety gear in the end...wait, I think I used the wrist guards only.
  • get the ones with ABT! Its a braking system that allows you to stop in a hurry while keeping all wheels firmly on the ground. You wont be doing tons of tricks with these on, but you can feel confident in going fast knowing that you can stop in a hurry. I learned on those, and still use them now. They make stopping so easy, and seem to stop you a lot quicker. Rollerblade still has a few models with that technology.
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