Anybody see the almost tornado cloud yesterday? — Brooklynian

Anybody see the almost tornado cloud yesterday?

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Around 2pm? It was just beginning to drizzle and there was the beginning of a funnel cloud in the sky with about 1/4 of a tornado tail descending from the clouds.

Never seen anything like that up close, rather unsettling! Anyone else scope that out? I was on my way into the Y but was captivated by it for a few minutes. Wish I had my digi cam.


  • Yes! I have pictures, let me upload them really quickly and I'll post (my boyfriend's pics are better...)

    That was about 30 seconds before we got totally poured on.
  • scary!


    kind of a crappy picture but it was pretty amazing. swirling fast, too.

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  • [quote=Carmen]scary!
    Nice pic!
  • Awesome, I can't believe I missed it!
  • we saw it. it was weird-O.

    then we sat on the stoop and watched the rain come in.
  • Yep. But it didn't turn out to be that windy after all.
  • That's scary considering the tornado that touched down in Bay Ridge last summer. My wife and I just moved into a condo with views of Manhattan and the harbor and have witnessed a couple of storms building that looked like tornados brewing. The sky gets all green and it gets almost can feel something in the air. Help us Al Gore!
  • Was that really the beginnings of a tornado? The gf & I sat out on the front stoop with an extra large umbrella watching it all (very much remember seeing the same as in the picture), until lightning struck wayyyy to close for comfort and we scurried in amid a wail of car alarms.

    It definitely looked pretty ominous, but I've got no idea what the beginnings of a tornado looks like. Was that even close, or just a pocket of pressure doing weird things to the clouds?
  • Picture--Yikes!

    It looks a bit like a similar half-funnel thing I saw once (not here), except that it was much lighter out yesterday than when I've thought a tornado was descending upon me. Who knows what that was! What freaky weather this weekend!
  • I was at my office in midtown Manhattan around the time that storm hit. I swear to god I felt the building shake on one of the thunderclaps.
  • I saw like a tornado in Manhattan. I was riding my bike in Wythe Ave, close to the Brooklyn Navy Yards. It was incredible and scarry at the same time
  • I beat you all, I was on the Manhattan bridge at the height of the storm, in a tshirt and jeans riding my motorcycle practically blind 10 ft infront of me, with tidal waves of water splashed on to me by passing cars. I was soaked. Of course, by the time I get 5 blocks from my apt, it all cleared up like nothing ever happened.... but I guess that's the important part since statistics say most accidents happen 5 blocks radius from your home.
  • Subject: I took this from my apartment on 4th Ave and Union

    Click the picture to expand it:

  • It's so Ghostbusters!! I think I see Zuul on top of that building.
  • thinkin_lincoln.jpg

    i see a funnel cloud that looks like abe lincoln

    what do you see?
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