record show this sunday at warsaw? — Brooklynian

record show this sunday at warsaw?

anybody have details on this?


  • Yes, this Sunday at Warsaw.

    261 Driggs.

    Regular hours are 11am - 8pm.

    3 bucks to get in.

    If you want to get in early, you can pay $20 to get in 9am - 11am.

    I think there's 40 dealers, including several new ones (not at the last show).

    More info here...
  • and what's the deal with this show? high prices? like fmu? i have a budget (ha). have you been to their other shows put on at warsaw?
  • I haven't been before - I missed the show they put on a couple months ago, and I think this is only the second one.

    Word from the last one was that there was a good mix of stuff. The promoters were encouraging dealers to bring lots of inexpensive records, so it shouldn't be a high-end focused show.

    I actually am setting up as a seller at this one - I'm not a pro dealer, just a collector of 20 years who needs to thin out some of the old stuff I don't really listen to anymore.
  • that looks pretty awesome. i'll be there!
  • i hope i'll be back in time for this, i missed the last one as well. if not, i think a greenpoint/williamsburg sunday record store hop is in order. it's pretty much a ritual for me (on payday weekends), but it'd be fun to do with others.
  • I'm down for a record store hop. It's my last chance to do one til the middle of next month (oh rent, how i hate ye and the paychecks you devour).
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