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Can anyone recommend a good gymn with a pool in the area, not too expensive? cheers, SuZ


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    you might try Eastern Athletic Club on Eastern Parkway.
  • The place on flatbush and park place , from my understanding aquired the old movie theater that went out of business and when I went to aquire about a membership I was told they were going to build a pool in the movie theater
  • I hear the Gowanus is getting cleaner every year
  • Gymn? Damn.

    The pool at Eastern Athletic is a bit small but surprisingly nice, especially considering it's on the 8th (9th? 7th?) floor of an old city building like that. Nice view, too.
  • Eastern Athletic is expensive, about $100 a month.
  • I go to the Y on 9th street in Park Slope. It's $50 a month, but there is no easy transport from ProHo . I joined when I lived in Windsor Terrace.
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