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I live on Washington between Eastern Pkwy and Empire (closer to Empire). It is officially Crown Heights (I think), but feels more like Prospect Heights. In any event, nothing is going on over here. Why can't you ProHoers bring some action (be it bars, sushi, heating oil, whatever) down this way?


  • Subject: anon, you've got:

    first saturdays at brooklyn museum! see you this saturday.
  • Don't you have Ripple {a great little bar} right there on Washington {on the PH side, granted, but only 1 1/2 blocks from Eastern Pkwy}? And Cafe Shane? Actually, I inquired about an empty storefront I saw last year to move my shop to on Washington by Cafe Shane, but the real estate agent on Washington there who had the listing refused to get back to me even after repeated calls. Maybe ask her why nothing new is going on in that part of the neighborhood.
  • i agree. i live on lefferts ave, two blocks below empire. fantastic neighborhood in terms of convenience, proximity to the park, subway, etc. but we come up really short in terms of food options, limited basically to McD's (won't eat), Wendy's (ditto), mediocre chinese and caribbean (if you haven't tried rotti, you should). we have more nail salons than an entire nation of 30-fingered women could utilize. and from what i'm told, the stretch of flatbush from empire to parkside offers cheap commercial rent and has a lot of potential - not to mention the equivalent stretch of bedford. there is a major, unfulfilled market here and it sort of defies logic as to why someone hasn't opened a diner/bar/grill (former city lighting owners out there? take 2?)

    can we get some love? maybe in the form of bagels, pasta, beer, burgers or sushi? heating oil? seriously, EVERY ONE of my neighbors does their shopping, eating, drinking and celebrating outside of the 'hood.
  • How is the subway access over there? I see you guys have a Q and 2. That's about all you need, right?
  • the subway access is great. i live very close to the Q, so i usually hop on it at prospect park and transfer at atlantic for any of my other subway needs... i find the B41 to be a great bus, too, for runs up to the museum.
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