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Dog Owners Informal Poll

Is washing your dog a big pain?

Would you consider supporting a 'dog wash' where you could wash & groom your own dog for a nominal price?

Worth it or worthless?




  • I don't own a dog, but if you actually follow through with this, I will borrow a dog so I can come down and try it out.
  • I own two dogs (a Frenchie and a mini Dachshund). I currently get them washed and groomed at Posh Pets on Flatbush but I am up for anything! :lol:
  • It's no big deal to pop my 25 pound minpin in the tub and scrub him down, takes 10 minutes tops, so I would not be a patron of that type of shop.
  • I think you can also do that at the Brooklyn Dog House.
  • I have a Bichon/Jack and he's easy to bathe. For everything else we take him to Perfect Paws in Brooklyn Heights. It's a small, friendly shop with services at reasonable prices ($45 to $60).
  • My dog is bigger, but his bath is usually the result of his rolling in poo or something else just as devine which means he needs baths asap so then I just break out the hose or do it right away
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