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so tell me about SALTFISH

I'm moving by the Church Ave. Q and this will be the first time I've ever lived in a Caribe hood. My soon-to-be grocery store is stunning and full of delicious odors and beautifully packaged foods but I am most intrigued by the 4lb slabs of SALT FISH.

Is it basically just fish, salted and dried? Cause that sounds delicious.

Also, new here, hope people post here ;-)


  • does your name reflect your change as well?

    cause that is unacceptable.
  • No, it's a Jayhawks reference. But always assume the worst of people, you'll go far.
  • Funny you should reference the Jayhawks who are so beloved here in Minnesota.

    In these parts salted cod is called lutefisk and is a very popular dish. But it has no flavor!

    By contrast, my mother (who was originally from Puerto Rico) used to cook bacalao:

    I would add aguacate (Caribbean word for avocado) but omit the black olives as they have little taste. The green olives should be stuffed with sweet peppers.

  • You have to soak the saltfish overnight before you can use it, I think change the water a few times.

    I've never cooked it but have had some really great bacalao dishes in restaurants, including salt cod fritters. Al Di La makes an awesome whipped spread with it that tastes like whitefish salad. Yum.

    I love the veggie stores over here. Make sure to check out the fish stores--they're amazing and cheap. At the one I go to, you get a bucket and pick out your fish, then give the bucket and the fish to the dudes behind the counter and say if you want it boned, whole, fillets, etc. They give you a number and call your number when it's done. Exciting.
  • hey thanks guys! btw i was in minnesota for work recently and adored it there.

    anyway since my chef skills are pretty limited i might just leave the saltfish to takeout. salt cod fritters sounds amazing. where is al di la?
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