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two thumbs up for Visions Restaurant-Bar

I went to Visions, the new restaurant on Cortelyou Road and Coney Island Avenue, for the first time Saturday night, and I wanted to give y'all my review. Basically, I loved it! I highly recommend it! I felt bad that when I was there they were nearly empty, so I am trying to encourage everyone I know to give this place a chance. The food is wonderful. I ordered fish and chips, not expecting much, but it was actually great- breaded whole pieces of fish (not some frozen stuff). Not greasy at all, which is pretty amazing for Fish and Chips. My dining companion had the grilled chicken sandwich, and it was super tasty. The owner and waitress are really nice. The owner said his new menu is coming out this week and he is going to distribute it all over the neighbhorhood, so be on the lookout. He is also trying to get local artists to do shows there, like Connecticut Muffin does; he has had a couple of artists so far, but currently I do not think there is anything on exhibit. Anyway, please check out this restaurant!! (Just be careful crossing Coney Island Avenue- seriously, very dangerous crossing here.)


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    My wife and I had dinner there tonight and it was very good. They have some excellent pasta dishes. Pasta wasn't overcooked and the sauces were excellent. I also had a mesclun salad that was very good and the portions were generous. If you haven't tried this place, give it a shot. It's totally worth it!!
  • I totally agree -- we've been to Visions a couple of times (once for dinner when it first opened and more recently for brunch) and have found the food very tasty. Prices are similar to other local restaurants. I really don't know why this place is not more popular as I would expect them to attract the same crowd as Picket Fence and The Farm -- without the long wait times as those other places.
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