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New ZEN Vegetarian House Restaurant: AMAZING!

The relatively new ZEN VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT on Flatbush Ave is AMAZING. It's on par with Red Bamboo with a menu full of delicious alternatives to eating animals or animal by-products. It's a little pricey, but definitely average for this kind of food. Their delivery is super fast and friendly, too. I highly recommend them.

I am always searching for great recommendations around Brooklyn, but this is one of my first times offering a recommendation, myself!

773 Flatbush Avenue between Clarkson Avenue and Lenox Road; it has a black awning, so it's easy to miss.



  • Sounds great. Thanks for posting.

    Just a quick question OrbitBoy, what exactly does, "Toward a more civilized neighborhood" mean?
  • YES! This place IS amazing... lunch specials are such a great deal!
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