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Frustrated: Still have no gas in apartment

I've been living in an apartment without a working stove/oven for almost 2 weeks. We made an appointment with the National Grid (Con Ed?) to hook up our gas. They were supposed to be here between 8am-1pm, but they still haven't shown up. It's nearly 1:30pm.

If I hadn't been sitting here all this time, and missed the appointment, they would have charged me a fee, wouldn't they? Why is it ok for them to just not show up? We called the number on the appointment card, but it seems that our only option is to reschedule.

Does anyone have any advice? Is there a way to find out why they never showed up????

(I've been cooking in a microwave!)


  • Umm, you really need to keep calling until you are able to speak to a supervisor.
  • Why didnt you ask for customer service and ask for a supervisor then ask for their supervisor or corporate offices.You have to make a big enough stink to get thru to these companies. Good luck.
  • ahhh. I know this well. I spent the first 3 months without a working stove. I finally broke down and bought a hot plate.

    Good luck.
  • Hmm, does this apt happen to be on prospect pl?
  • Try escalating it internally first. Speak to custmer service and as many supervisors as you can. If you still don't get anywhere,put in a call to the Public Service Commission and report them. You'll get a very quick response after that.
  • Ok, so we kept calling, but only got an option to reschedule. The super had to leave the building... and of course these guys showed up over 2 hours LATE! (3:30).
    We ended up rescheduling for today- which was very annoying because I had to change my plans for the day. The guy showed up at 10:30 and everything was fine.

    I just don't understand how the "National Grid" number only gives options to reschedule. I didn't call, but my boyfriend did (the bill's under his name) and the operators didn't help at all. I just think it's so unprofessional. I guess they don't care because I need them and they don't necessarily need me.

    The apt is not on Prospect Pl. It's on Woodruff. Why do you ask? The problem was with the grid company, not my building. Now, I'm curious.

    Thanks for the advice. I'd never heard of the Public Service Commission, but it's good to know about.
  • Just for future reference, you can file a complaint with the PSC about any public utility including cable here
  • I used a propane camping stove while I was renovating my apt for 6 months in 2004. can borrow it.
  • So, it was NOT over the last time I posted. False alarm. So, I let the oven burn a little because it's brand new. I smelled some gas, but figured that was normal. Cut to 5am this morning. I got up and noticed the hallway still smelled of gas. We called the Grid people around 7am and they sent a guy by 7:20!!! He fixed it but the super had to come around later on to change the piece that was leaking.


    Things seem ok now, though. What a long story.

    Thank you homeowner. That's good to know.

    Whynot, aw, thanks! That's sweet!
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