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Middle income housing program in Brooklyn

I ran into an old friend who it turns out lives at 895 Pacific Street (bet. Vanderbuilt and Underhill). She told me she got her apartment through the NYCHDC program for middle income people/families called HOP. She submitted her application and got her apartment through a lottery. She has a nice size apartment with a small private terrace (I forgot the square footage :( ).

Here is the website she used to find the apartment




  • I checked out the website to see what "middle income" means. It looks like you would definitely qualify if your total household income is less than $109,000, and you would maybe qualify if you make up to $125,600, depending on family size and who else rented in the building. They say rents range from "approximately $745 for a studio to $2,110 for a three bedroom
    apartment" which is not exactly a bargain, though.
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