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comments start way down below ads in threads. what gives?

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When I go to a thread I now have to scrowl down past the ads in the bar on the right to get to the first commentt. didnt used to be like that . Is there a way to fix this or is this just the way it isl"?


  • That's weird, my view is the same as always. what browser are you using and can you post a screen pic of what you are seeing. We had problems last week, but I thought the layout was cleared up for everyone by now.
  • I'm using internet explorer , maybe not the newest version.
    can you refresh my memory on how to do a screen grab? and how to post it here? okay I'll look at the boardto see how to do it myself. i go back to see what maru the cat is doing.
  • Okay I switched to google chrome and its working. - the comments are where they should be.. In the old inttrnet ex. the right margin was alinging with the right margin of the ads. ich.
  • Yeah I avoid IE most of the time personally. Glad it's working.
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