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Big Black Boy Toy needs home

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Everyone said there was a pregnant cat on Bergen & Rogers by the church. there isn't- only a huge 15 lb. boy toy who has already beeen neutered. Now he is up to date with his shots , tested negative for AIDS & Leuk. and has has Revolution to kill fleas. I got a house full of other kitties waiting to be adopted . and he is really unhappy in the cage and with the dogs and other cats. Isnt somebody looking for a huge black cat with pretty eyes. ??? PM or call 212-945-8196. Gotta put him back on the street unless someone wants him or can foster.


  • I also have a white tom with tabby markings that was sunbathing in front of the house right when I was going to the ASPCA van. he is also neg for all the bad stuff- bunch of scratches on his face. but he is a really loving mush monster. I picked him up and he just collapsed in my arms. loves to be kissed and petted. and needs a good momma or daddy; he's got all the shots and has been fixed. wont you call? 212=945=8195
  • All I know is I saw "Big Black Boy Toy" and my mind immediately went elsewhere :-)
  • Boy Toy is living pretty good on the street. The vet on the van even said to put both of them back. what is better to put the FIV cats back on the street or the neg =neg ones? Running out of cages. still need to get the mom of the 5 kittens in one cage. Guy wants 5 cat family TNRed. Dont have the cages/traps to do it all. Got too many semi ferals in the house. I'm good at getting them trapped.//fixed/ dont have the time to do the adoption end. can somebody help? Need pictures/ need to upload on various sites. Dont have time what with all the cleaning and work. can any one help?
  • I've got 2 kittens that are used to pit bulls. ones a cute tabby that tested very mildly FIV pos. he needs to be retested when hes older - they said that testing him that young is not always a reliable result and that since it was so faint it will probably test neg later. Then there is a white kitten with a tabby tail and spot. He likes to stand between the pits rear legs when the dog eats. both are 2-3 months old.

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  • BBBT didn't really like having his picture taken

    This mush didn't mind at all though!

    His nose was all banged up but he was a total sweetie, rubbing his head all up on me

    Someone adopt him! :D
  • Mr. Mush is truly a love god. You will have to beat him off you with a stick. He sleeps close by, if he isnt on top of you. He cries out his undying love many times a day, and checks to see that you may need to kiss him fiercely and manhandle him every so often. He is very worshipful and deserves a truly gooey home. This boy thrives on loving. His nose is recovering from his time outside. He is neg for all the bad stuff. has all his shots and is ready to Love you to pieces.

    Big Black Boy toy is still not adjusting too well. He's next to tom the pit bull and enjoys his man cave. He doesnt much care to come out and I feel he would blossom as an only cat. Weighing in at 15 lbs. he is man enough for just about anyone but small children.
  • I want to kiss Mushy's nose and make it better. BBBT is very sleek. Reminds me of my friend's black kitty, named Shaquille.

    (disclaimer: the Flexi household is already at maximum catpacity)
  • Tsarina, I know someone who is interested in fostering a cat for a couple of months. If you can't find him a forever home, this might be just the thing for a while. The person lives alone and has no other pets, so BBBT would definitely be the king of the castle (as it were). PM me if you want details.
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