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Okay... maybe I am really cheap but... — Brooklynian

Okay... maybe I am really cheap but...

Should Mariah Carey tickets really cost $150 for her concert at the Garden (Sean Paul will be a special guest)... :roll:


  • at that price its like getting raped by the riaa :p. its a ripe off!
  • If Elvis came back from wherever he's hiding and decided to tour, I'd have a hard time coughing up 150 bucks... for Mimi? No.
  • I think one should be PAID at least $150 to go see Mariah Carey in concert.
  • I totally agree...
    and the nose bleed seats (you know the ones that are so high that you are watching the concert from the big screen, when you might as well wait for the concert to be on HBO)... are like $60+...
  • for $60 she better be nude :p.