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Looking to Move to Bushwick, Any insight greatly needed!

Hey all,
I will be relocating in the Fall to attend Brooklyn College.

I am not very familair with the area, and dont have much time before I arrive to check out places, but I do like Bushwick, in the short time I was there.
I am 24, Russian, and married, and defiently looking for something not too expensive or fancy, and a good neighborhood vibe, and easily accesible to the subways.

Any residents here, please let me know what it is like to live here?


  • Gave up on Prospect Heights already?!?
  • No i WANT to live there badly! But man, i am not finding ANY properties on CL, or any website, that is not Crown Heights thats even close to my price range. Its so discouraging!!:/
  • Bushwick is very NOT accessible to Brooklyn College.

    What about Prospect Lefferts Gardens?

    What about along the N/R train-- Sunset Park maybe? At least you can connect to the 2/3 trains at Atlantic.

    Are you opposed to getting roommates?
  • Yes, definetly opposed to the roommates idea :/.

    What is PLG like?

    I am really into Prospect Heights, but have yet been able to find a place actually in PH, and not middle of CH. Guess i should find more out about CH if I am not willing to settle somewhere else!
  • hey thank you for the links im checking them out.
  • Here in brooklyn today. Headed to bushwick to check it out.walked in plg yesterday. Any main streets in bushwick to check out?
  • The blocks north of Wycoff Ave are generally a bit nicer (Bushwick only goes up a few blocks, then it's Ridgewood Queens, also worth considering). The L train runs under Wycoff so you can stay close to that. But as others have said, it's not the easiest commute to Brooklyn College from there.
  • Try something along the B6 bus that goes right to Brooklyn College. My gf and I just moved to bay pkwy and 64th st in bensonhurst and she plans on going to grad school at BC and it turns out the bus stop is right at the end of our block.
  • bushwick is great.
    but, look closer to the college i'd say.
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