Pommes de Terre kicks butt! — Brooklynian

Pommes de Terre kicks butt!

I just went there. It was great.


  • Yes it does, can´t wait to go back there, very good comfort food!
  • Potato is AMAZING!!! There are no words to how happy the hubby and I were to have them open just a block from our place! XD

    I HIGHLY reccomend them for brunch too, we've been waiting and waiting for them to get a brunch menu together and we not dissapointed!

    I also suggest The Farm up on Cortelyou if you haven't been already, same folks, same level of NUMMY NUMMY food ;)
  • My folks are in from out of town and we had dinner there last night. Great wine, great service, and amazing food. Has anyone had the salad w/bacon (can't remember the exact name of salad). It is literally the best bacon I have ever had in my life. I vote that they make it a side dish! Love this place.
  • Subject: Pommes de Terre

    My friend took me there the other night for dinner. They asked immediately if we had a reservation, we didn't but they found a way to seat us anyway and as we salivated throughout our meals, we noticed how crowded & loud the place was getting. There are also tables outdoors.

    Those mussels and the juice they were in... The sardines and the pork loin that a knife goes thru with ease, roasted carrots and beans, the sauce...

    We will be going back!
  • That place is occasionally okay. I've had great food there and other times, I was served glop that I'd hardly consider food (their salmon benedict comes to mind). The place is a total coin-toss, as far as I'm concerned.
  • Have their prices stayed the same? I went there when it first opened and it was fairly reasonable, relative to a similar restaurant on, say, Smith St or in Manhattan.

    Just curious if they have increased the prices since they've maintained being fairly popular.
  • My wife and I tried this place a few months back after leaving Farm on Adderly because it's stove had broken down. In short, it was a blessing in disguise. The food and service were wonderful - we'll definitely return. Plus, walking through the neighborhood at night was like being in a small town - very peaceful and pretty.
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