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stray kittens in backyard in prospect park south brooklyn

Between Church and Caton on Westminster Road, there are 4 kittens that need rescuing (and a mom that needs to be spayed). I'm not sure how to help these little guys. They have certainly survived the rough weather this winter but I'd like to see these little happy guys inside somewhere. I may be able to foster at least 1 or two til finding them a home... any advice on what to do and where to take them for shots and tests on a limited budget?

Mom is black and white, they seem to be living in the back yard of the home across the street from me.



  • you should call Sean Casey Animal Rescue. they should be able to help.


    good luck!
  • Try the NYC Feral Cat Initiative, they may be able to get you in touch with someone who does Trap, Neuter, Return.

    NYC Feral Cat Initiative at (212) 330-0033 or
  • You can take the Feral Cat Workshop offered by Neighborhood Cats. Once you take the workshop you then have access to free spay/neuter, rabies vaccines, and trap rental. They also offer a lot of great advice. the next workshop is tomorrow night. Here is the info:

    A lot of people also have great luck with getting help from Empty Cages.

    You may also try e-mailing Urban Cat League:

    Here is info on how to build them a winter shelter:

    Good luck and thanks for looking out for these cats!
  • Honestly if they are happy and someone can feed them (or maybe already is...?) there is such overpopulation right now, it doesn't sound like a terrible situation. They might just end up killed or taking the place of another cat that does desperately need a home. I think if necessary the winter shelter idea is best. There's just way too many cats that are looking for homes right now. Yes, being outside isn't always ideal but better than dead. Some neighborhoods particularly in Brooklyn are better than others and the cats can live decent lives there. If they are happy and friends... it sounds like not a terrible situation. Sometimes we get involved when the situation isn't so terrible... in my opinion.
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