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    not necessarily

    The person who performs janitorial services for a multiple dwelling of nine or more dwelling units (other than where janitorial services are performed on a twenty-four-hour-a-day basis under paragraph three of subdivision b of section 27-2053 of this article) shall reside in or within a distance of one block or two hundred feet from the dwelling, whichever is greater, unless the owner resides in the multiple dwelling.
  • No

    Many small building owners (6-8 apartments) are managed by the landlord himself.
  • Thanks for replys....I live in a 40+ unit, rent stabilized bldg. and the super lives a half hour away.
  • For a building that size the landlord should definitly get a live in super!
  • A landlord can also use a janitorial service that is on call 24/7. Half hour away means they probably have a service on call as well. Janitorial services are a lot less than most supers provide.
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