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I'm screwed

Subject: I'm screwed

Anybody been to Fairway in the last hour or so? Is it a madhouse?

I have unemployed relatives coming to dinner and my mouse traps are empty.


  • I'd say it's a 98% chance of total clusterf**k.
    Side note: my local wine and liquor store is swamped with people buying champagne and wine. Madhouse in there.
  • WAIT!.....
    I'll get Take out!
  • Just got in from Mei Chi Liquors on Flatbush (good prices on bourbons, by the way), and they weren't too crowded. Now off to Union Market. Not looking forward to that.

    BTW, anyone going to the 7P Dean & Britta show at Southpaw tonight?
  • Steve's was pretty packed an hour ago, but probably better than Fairway on a typical weekend afternoon. Check-out was just slow.
  • Park Slope husbands sent on errands to Fairway. Taken 20 minutes ago.
    "What do you mean 10 items or less?!?!"
    (I don't know why the nakedness)
  • So glad I did almost all my shopping on Tuesday.
  • Fairway is a pain in the butt.. i generally go on Tuesdays too
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