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Good tattoo shops in Brookyln?

Hey, I am just wondering if anybody can recommend any good tattoo shops around Brooklyn, or anywhere in NYC for that matter. Want to get some work done and don't know where to start as there is just so many.



  • Alex Franklin at Brooklyn Ink in Bay Ridge is amazing.

    It is definitely worth the hike to get there.

    Brooklyn Ink
    462 87th Street
    (718) 238-0844
  • There ARE alot of shops in the BK and the city. Alot of tattooers have specialties, so it kind of depends what you are looking for. The best advertising is the work itself. If you see some work on someone and like it, dont be afraid to ask them where they got it. The best gratuity for a tattooer is when a client refers them. Most people would be happy to refer their artist. This topic has been discussed here as well, go into search, and type in tattoo, and you'll see some past discussions..
  • Smith Street Tattoo! Brooklyn all the way!
  • Thanks for the replies. Yeah sorry I realize my question is a bit vague as I know different artists/shops specialize in different types of work. The work I am looking to get done in particular is sort of city skyline type shaded drawing. Sort of hard to explain exactly because it is an addition to a tattoo I have done already. I guess it will be sort of comic like sketching. I will definitely check out the places listed above, thanks.
  • in that case check out

    there's some cityscape stuff going on over there
  • Stephanie, NY Adorned
    she drew a fantastic line-drawing map thingee on a friend of mine
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