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London Pride Ale

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Hi All!

My husband is a Brit and is missing his fav ale - London Pride. We used to be able to find it at the Chip Shop on Atlantic Ave but they stopped carrying it. Does anyone know where they might have it on tap or bottle in Brooklyn?




  • Have you tried Bierkraft yet? I'll bet they carry it.

    (191 5th Ave, between Union and Berkeley.)
  • If Bierkraft somehow doesn't, check out Eagle Provisions on 5th Ave at 18th St. They have a great selection.
  • They also have it at Draft Barn on third ave. That's a bar though. I fell in love with that stuff in London last summer.
  • Brooklyn Beer and Soda, 648 Washington Ave. A 16-oz bottle is $3.99.

    Any beer drinkers (real beer drinkers) who haven't yet discovered owe it to themselves to check it out:
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    We carry it at Vbar which is 225 Sullivan between West 3rd and Bleeker. Its 5 bucks a bottle.
  • Iona on Grand St in Williamsburg frequently has Fuller's ESB and Fuller's London Pride on tap.

    These are two of my absolute favorite beers.
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