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Technical problem - Notification of topic error? — Brooklynian

Technical problem - Notification of topic error?

In the past week I've gotten 2 of those e-mails when somebody replies to a message in a thread you've posted on, but the link leads to a page saying the topic doesn't exist.

is one of them. Lost the other.

Anyone having similar problems??


  • There have been a lot of bots posting comment spam lately. We mods try to stay on topic of things and delete these messages as soon as they appear. Maybe a bot posted something on a thread you had commented on and one of the mods deleted the reply before you got to check it. The whole thread shouldn't have been deleted though. Maybe the link is specific to the post, not the thread? Anyone a little more savy about phpBB know the answer to this?
  • I think you're right. To test it out I compared the link in the e-mail sent to me from your reply in this thread vs. the link on the Forum webpage to this topic - they were different. The link in the email was the post, the link on the forum webpage is to the thread.

  • its time to do a perma ban on those guys!!!