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3rd Ward ...anyone use their wood and metal shop regularly

I'm reasonably skilled at wood work, but it is just a hobby.

On occasion, I need to access more professional equipment than I have in my shop. ...this usually results in me befriending local guys (usually in Gowanus) with cabinet shops and throwing them $ to make cuts for me.

Does anyone here use the Wood and Metal shop of 3rd Ward regularly?
(not the photo classes, design, etc)

Is it quality equipment?
Is it maintained well?

Do they have wood onsite I can purchase, or do I need to get it delivered in advance?




  • 3rd Ward ...anyone use their wood and metal shop regularly
    Apparently not.

    Can anyone explain to me who uses 3rd ward and how 3rd ward has so much money and power?
  • strangeness ^^^.

    But, for those interested:

    I did end up taking a lathe working class their recently. I found that it:

    a. Had better facilities than those at School of Visual Arts.

    b. Allowed members to drink beer while they worked on projects. (is this a good idea when working with saws?).

    c. Had well maintained equipment.

    d. Was full of starving hipster types who ride scooters.

    e. Was not a bastion of money or power.

    f. Will be used by me again in the event I have to construct something that is too large for my home shop, like a farmstyle dining room table for 8.
  • Haha. Excellent report.
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